100mg Test After 2 Weeks Off Test/Deca Cycle

I couldn’t get test E for 2 weeks. I was on 500mg test E and then stopped for 2 weeks and now I’m doing 100mg a week started off today with 50mg. Am I gonna go through a couple weeks with no test now? Gonna lose any of my gains? Since I didn’t pin for a couple weeks cause doesn’t it take 3 weeks to work.

Nah… you will be fine. Still some in your system albeit much lower levels than at 500mg. You’ve burned through two half lives so you basically are at TRT levels and now continuing those levels. Will you lose some mass?.. Likely over time as your body adjusts to your new TRT dose it will find steady state at that level now.

Dude, wtf are you thinking? Seriously.

You just said in your other thread that you’re having irregular heart issues and worries, and do not have health insurance. I bet you also don’t get lab work done. You were also running 500mg, and now out of no where you decide the solution is to start running TRT?

GO TO THE DOCTOR FOR HEAVENS SAKE. Stop playing with AAS irresponsibly.


He was running… a lot more than 500mg