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100mg Once/Wk. Should I Increase Dosage?

Been taking TRT for many years. I used to inject twice a week (50mg per inj.), then started to feel a bit off due to my SHBG levels. So then I started injecting one big dose (100mg) a week and started to feel better. I don’t take any AI’s, just test. cyp.

Just had another lab test done.
Total T: 648 ng/dl (264-916)
Free T: 10 pg/ml (8.7-25.1)
Sensitive Estrodiol: 21.5 pg/ml PERFECT! (8-35)

When I used to inject twice a week my Total T typical was around 850-950. Since I’m injecting only once a week, I would expect a lower results like the one above; however, do I have more room to inject more? I do feel just a tad off on injection day or day before. Will I run into any issues going to 120mg / week?

Your Free T is low, you need to push testosterone higher so that Free T increases. Free T is at a level where guys seek TRT in the first place, you need to get it between 3/4 and top of the range.

If SHBG levels are high which I suspect, the majority of that estrogen is bound up, your low Free T suggests free estrogen levels are low as well.

It’s a mistake to suggest sensitive estradiol is perfect simply by looking at a number, consider most of it is bound to SHBG and little is actually free.

It sounds like you may be low right before your next injection, which suggests twice weekly was better as levels aren’t swinging. When my levels fluctuate to much I feel off as well, I experienced this on twice weekly injections.

How you feel is far more important than a number on a piece of paper.

In relation to your injection, when do you draw labs?

Also do you have labs for when you were doing twice weekly injections?

Are these number from the trough of each protocol?

Yes, my previous lab test results showed that my SHBG was high, that’s why I went to less frequent injections and I actually felt a little better doing this. So since my Free T is low, should I increase my dosage to say around 120 mg per week?


I think with labs, it shouldn’t be an issue, especially where your free test is at. I also suffer the higher SHBG curse.

I have messed around with 100mg injections twice, and I have to say, I “feel” it, definitely. I never stuck with it though, I prefer to split it up.

Its not something I would be against though, I might try it in the future it my HGB and HCT are nowhere near top of range and or my e2 is low.

Also, you seem like your fairly in tune with your body. Just listen to what it says. Nipple itchiness is always a red flag.

I’ve never had any nipple related issues; for the most part, I’ve always had low to optimal Estradiol level. In fact, I am very senstive to AI’s; even a very micro dosage of AI would tank my E2 and I will go into severe depression, anxiety, fatigue, etc.

I am the same way. I think it has to do with our SHBG being high, binding up free e2.

I NEVER mess with my e2 now, and I feel like it is still on the low end.

I have some labs coming up and I’m going to see where my e2 lies on 50 twice a week, absolutely no E2 control.

LOL, seriously. I have been putting it off.

I had that low e2 issue, and had to increase test dose for a few shots, so I wanted to wait until I was more stable to get them again… Thursday is the day. Will make new thread.

Its going to have my DHEAS and progesterone and all that good stuff too, hopefully.

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I figure SHBG was high, I would do 30mg increase as I don’t think 20mg is a big enough move to increase Free T enough. Basically your Free T is at a level where most complain of symptoms, I think it will take a big move to makes decent changes to Free T since SHBG is so greedy grabbing ahold of all your testosterone.

If you feel better on once weekly injections, by all means continue with what works for you.

A sick care doctor will freak out over supraphysiological doses which is exactly what you require, in your case Total T should be completely ignored. Free T is what matters since it is bioavailable.

You may need to run your total testosterone up pretty high to get your free test where you need it. Plenty of room to increase your dosage.