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100mg Injections Not Enough?

Hello, I’m on my 3rd month of TRT Cypionate 100mg per week. My dosage is low because I am wheelchair bound and my doctor was concerned about blood clots due to thickening blood. I started TRT because of constant exhaustion, my libido had dropped significantly when I turned 30 and I was having frequent ED. I’m still having low libido, ED, and slightly less exhaustion issues. I’ve noticed I get dehydrated quickly if I don’t almost double my daily water intake. Is dehydration a common side effect? I read that 100mg is generally too low a dosage to get any benefit and that it might actually lower my T levels because it stops normal T production.

Not a huge concern at all and some docs say NO CONCERN at all.

What else are you taking?

Not sure where you read this but its 100% false. It all depends on the individual, and generally on your SHBG.

Lower SHBG guys have more free test, and need less overall test to get there. Higher SHBG guys need a little more sometimes. 100mg is the standard, most guys fall in around this number.

That’s all I’m taking. Should I be taking supplements or something?

If you look at other members threads you will see a list of labs, Total T, Free T, estrogen and SHBG are used to balance our TRT protocols.

Your doctor is unaware that as a side effect of TRT you can get thicker blood and there is no concern at all. The problem right now is mainstream medicine is so ignorant in the treatment sex hormones deficiencies that doctors treat the thicker blood it as if you have polycythemia vera which is slow-growing blood cancer in which your bone marrow makes too many red blood cells.

There are people living at high altitude who have higher hematocrit and have been doing fine for 10,000 years.

More frequent injection is known to lower hematocrit, once weekly is far from an optimal protocol and is likely driving hematocrit higher and you may not show excellent results. Chance of locating an experienced TRT doctor under insurance, forget it.

Your biomarkers need to be known before choosing a protocol best for you, insurance doctors don’t know how to do that, that’s why they have these cookie cutter protocols for everyone, 100mg weekly, 200mg every 2 weeks is easy and no thought process went into it.

I also started out on 100mg weekly, found out doctors don’t know anything and went private to seek competent care. Now I inject 20mg EOD do to low SHBG and the fact I metabolize testosterone quickly.

I do take Omega 3 Fish Oil and CoQ10, everyone should at least be on these two.

Not at all. Just trying to get a picture here.

What about blood work. Can’t make any decisions without that. How can you know if your free t is high or e2 is raising with it properly… your jsut more healthy. Body needs more to operate properly. Probably why u want more water. That’s why diets so important on TRT.

With bloods these guys can help you realize your potential.

So your not on any other meds for diabetes or pain or anything.

Ok, here’s a lab from 2016…

TEST, SERUM 295 348-1197
FREE TEST 10.8 8.7-25.1
ESTRADIOL 16.7 7.6-42.6

I’ll post my 2018 Labs soon. Any other tests that I should list/request?

None. I tried cialis and it kinda worked, but not well enough for the price. I have been paralyzed since 2000, but I never had erection problems until around 2014. Actually I would get an erection any time I was touched and would keep one until the stimulation stopped. You could say being paralyzed helped me in that situation, but something happened a few years ago that made me lose libido and start losing erections. I am very active, but no intense cardio.

By the 2nd month you should of gotten blood work. Unfortunately your jsut shooting in the dark and can’t make an educated decision.

No, also if and when you get any follow-up labs, make sure you are well hydrated. Dehydration can lead to elevated H&H.

Most TRT guys use between 150-200mg and most (I’d say 85%+) use weekly dosing.

Possible, would need to see current labs.

I will post my 2018 pre-TRT labs when I find them and I get new labs in march.

I read and was told by my Dr that 200mg was a normal weekly dose. Also, my pharma accidentally gave me a month of 200mg vials because that’s what he normally has prescriptions for. However, I understand that that may just be a go-to dose and not necessarily what is needed. Just taking 100mg of test hasn’t done much for me though.

You need labs after you start trt. Otherwise how does one know if there benefiting from t.

I’d rather end up higher after 6 weeks than lower. It sucks being to low for 2 months and realizing later your dose is too low. A couple months of a little to high free t won’t hurt anyone… I’m told…