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100m Sprint Times


I'm not an athlete, just a recreational lifter who likes a fair amount of conditioning in his programme.

Recently I've been playing around with timing my sprint efforts, but in order to get an idea of what's realistically quick/average/slow for someone like me, I'm looking for any kind of 'speed standards'?

I'm 27 years old, 180 lbs, and my 100m PB (on grass) is 11.97s.


very good!!

run some 200's and 300's..

if you're just playing around with this 100 meter sprinting and you run the times you say, try training a bit and enter some track meets.. you'll do well in the 200..

train with a good runners advice and i bet you run a 23second 200 meters by summers end..

fast time for a new runner..


Damn fine job. I work with elite runners from the mile to the marathon and 12sec 100 is definately nothing to sneeze at. Most will do 13 second 100m repeats, 28-31 second 200m repeats, 62-65 second 400m repeats and 2:35-2:43 1k repeats along with 4:30-4:45 mile repeats. Both men and womens times except for the 1K and mile.

Hope that this gives you an idea of what is out there at the longer distance elite level.

For the pure sprinters( U. Bolt, Asafa Powell et al) they go sub 10 sec for the 100m and sub 21 for the 200m.

Have fun with it and pre congrats if you enter any track meets : )


I think KillerDIRK means sub 20 for the 200m. Usain Bolt's WR is 19.19

I would say that for a non specialist sprinter sub 12 is fast.

I think that most club sprinters are around 10.8 to 11.2 but bear in mind that these tend to be individuals who were successful school sprinters. A mature adult taking up sprinting will probably not achieve those times unless he has some previously undiscovered talent.

Moving towards 10.5 would be closer to national standard and low 10 would be international.

From 9.58 to 9.9 would be world class


think about this for a moment:
When the Boston marathon was held this year and a new course record set(crushed really, wind aided heavily)
the average time was 4:41 mile time or an average speed of 13.25 +/- Mile per Hour. This would be a good pace for a normal (fat assed) american on a mountain bike.

Now take into consideration that Usain Bolt covers 200 meters in 20 seconds. Thats 660 feet in 20 seconds,
or 33 FEET per second once at speed, holy fucks sake !

Storm the beach's blogsite has a great dissertation on why it is better to Sprint, Kill, Eat than to be
a jogger...check it out if you have the time !

Anyway...keep up the conditioning and lift Strong(er). Let us know if you end up competing in a track meet !


sorry if I'm hijacking the thread, I can run roughly 100m (a UK football pitch 100-110m) in about 11.5 if I go all out.

I'm going uni in september, based on my time do you reckon it would be worth trying to join an athletics team or should I just keep the sprinting as a fun conditioning thing?


GO for the friggin TEAM. If you are doing this recreationally then you are far ahead of the curve !

With a proper training protocol at your age you have a great beginning !