1003 Deadlift

Andy Bolton just did it at the WPO Event at Lake George.

Holy shit, nice.

Damn!!! Props to Mr. Bolton!!

That is huge. Now that everyone knows it can be done. The numbers will go much higher.

Like a 725 at 181 for EC.


any pics or vids?



Damn…that was my whole total at Nationals…I better get back to work!

Holy crap.

wtf wow.

Congratulations to one hard working man.

And holy shit I’m weak.

INSANE, finally, now everyone will be doing it.
I wonder how many reps he could get 800 for?
That way I don’t need to remember that Ronnie Coleman video of him doubling 800.
What nexxt a 1000 bench???

[quote]moonjumper wrote:
What nexxt a 1000 bench???[/quote]

You’re joking, right?

As soon as somebody finds a video to Bolton’s lift, make sure to post the link.

yeah a 1000 pound shirted bench by scott mendelson would be crazy wonder if he will ever hit that

But what can he do raw?
That’ll be an easy triple for that shane54 dude in 10-15 years.

holy shit…congrats to andy…i feel very weak

Amazing. I kinda want to cry. I’m going to the gym now, I’ve got work to do.

Wow. Fucking impressive.

[quote]Eric Cressey wrote:
Andy Bolton just did it at the WPO Event at Lake George.[/quote]

any videos?

Andy Bolton is the man! I saw him lift at last years Arnold, and he is no doubt the greatest swh deadlifter of all time.