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1000th Post!!!


Woohooo... How much time have I wasted here? Enough time to write 1000 posts! Everyone with 1000+ posts, post up and let the world know how much you love telling cross country runners to eat; How you love to tell newbs its okay to lose their abs in the relentless pursuit of muscle. Join me my fellow T-Men!


Nearing 5,000...and that doesn't include the thousands of posts before they revised the forum in 2002. :wink:


Okay, let's look at functional posts.

How many posts do you have per unit of time?

I have 1934 posts over 1 year and 4 days (wow, I just realized I hit my year mark!).

That's an average of 5.24... posts per day.

Beat that!


Does someone need something to do?


wow! It's one thing to be oogied and quite another to follow yourself and announce your uh-hum achievements.


For some people the average quality of the post varies inversely to the quantity.


WOW you squatted 1000, or was that 1000lb bench? Oh its 1000 posts, man your fingers must be ripped!!!




Just happened to notice it when I checked out "My T-Nation", nothing I've been tracking really.


You oogied yourself???








And you are proud of that... I'd never waste so much of my time online reading and posting to forums!

What's that lightning cloud doing over my head?


and how many threads have you started?
in a day?
man,you people are amateurs.
you got nothing on me.


I just hit 2000 last week. I didn't see it coming. I think that's about 2 years now, so almost 3 a day.

Anyway, If I'd had walked 400 yards for every post I made-instead of posting-I'd have burned 16 pounds of fat!


well i have 505 in 7 months which is 2.404 a day, damn i should post more :slight_smile:


You are a fucking ridiculous spamming troll you have 200 posts in 9 days, over 20 a day... now surprise most of them are in the "get a life" section.


298 since 2002 = a life


This is post 1649 for me. (Good year, remember it well.)

This is about as interesting as watching your odometer roll over. 1 second of fun watching your car suddenly drop in value.

They should count words instead. I have had some very long posts in the political section that nobody read. When I had one that reached (if I remember right) 13 pages in Word (that I use to edit) at 12 pts, I realized I went too far.