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1000th GI Killed in Afghanistan



On a day where most of us will be eating and drinking with family and friends, thousands of miles away in a land that most of these same people would find to be so dissimilar as to be considered alien, our brothers and sisters are fighting and God forbid dying so that we can go on living as if nothing has changed.

I know when I was in the sandbox on Memorial Day, it was bittersweet to know that. So I thought that maybe this article would help remind us all what the price is. The marine in question sounded like a solid soldier.

If anyone has someone they'd like to list, put a name to the numbers, feel free. I have several, but I'll leave it with the first.

SGT Jan Argonish, KIA Konar Province Afghanistan 27 AUG 2007
-Jan's convoy was hit with a complex ambush. The trail vehicle was disabled. Jan ran back to lay down suppressive fire while the crew was evaced. He took light machine gun fire and an RPG. He died while being driven to the FOB. Jan left behind an 8 year old son.

RIP Brother...never forgotten.


1000 too many


There you go Pitbull, of course 1000 is too many. Cant you just honor them? Lets not forget that these Men volunteer to serve and we all know the risk when doing so.


Either that, or they got lost after college and stumbled into a recruiting office and said...wtf did I just get myself in to?


If you are a pfc you did not go to college. If you have a college degree they look to get you into office training.

God bless their families, and thank you for your sacrifice.


Come on Rohnyn yeah there are some moments of WTF. But shit Man up and do your damn job instead of sulking and becoming a shitty soldier. Good I hated those who just counted the days. Good bless them and make sure you thank them Vietnam Vets, because they where drafted not volunteered.


Just to point out my view of the war: Most of my friends want to go back to Afghanistan... I really do not know anyone who enlisted who had no concept of what they were getting into or joined to stay in garrison.

And realistically, the casualty rates are extremely low.



This sentence does not make it.


More like: None is too many.

FUCK! Whos idea was it to start using soldiers as walking land mine detectors? Yeah! Just keep walking them over the mines. What benefit could there possibly be for that?


What are you talking about?


COME ON MAN! LISTEN TO MY WORDS! At least once a week I'm watching the news hearing about how yet another Canadian soldier has been killed by a roadside bomb. Much the same a decent number of American solders are being walked over land mines/roadsides.


I'm totally lost...


FUCK IT THEN! Eat the cheesy noodles and poke a chicken in the eye!

(at least I tried)


yep, we can partner with the Taliban - they're reasonable people . . .


Seems they may have done it because his grandfather spoke out against them. Even for the Taliban this is a particularly heinous and cowardly act.


This here is one of the reasons we are fighting for their freedom. If we back out before the job is done the Taliban will do this to all the families that have gone against them. Saddam Hussein did this in Iraq after the first Gulf War. He killed countless civilians in the South of Iraq. Had we gone all the way and took him out of power in the '90s none of this would have happened.


Too true, as an Irishman I greatly appreciate the sacrifices America and other nations (but particularly America) make to keep the Western way of life safe.


Aye! a fellow Irishman - should have picked that up right away what with the photo of Michael Collins as your avatar . . . and Ireland as your location . . .

I raise a pint of Guinness and say; Slainte!


You an ex-pat or a descendant mo chara?


My great-grandparents were the ex-pats, I'm just a descendant on my father's side.