1000mg Primo; Injection Scheme for Day 1

If one were to do a 2on/4off cycle with primo and winstrol, and the primo was 1000mg on day 1 and 200mg on days 4, 7, and 10, what would be the best way to break up the injections for day 1? I am proposing 3cc’s in each glute and 2cc’s in each leg. What would be the best way to get all the primo in with the least amount of injections? Also, each amp has 100mg/ml(cc). I was under the impression that the contents of more than 1 amp can be drawn into 1 syringe. For example, 3 amps of 100mg could all be drawn up into 1 shot for a total of 300mg. Am I incorrect or missing something with converting multiple amps into 1 shot?

You’re correct that you can draw the contents of multiple amps into a single syringe.

Personally I inject only 1cc per injection with 29 gauge
half inch insulin needles, so I can’t answer your question of the best way (best probably varies according to individual taste) of injecting 10 cc via larger injections.
I would suppose four injections of 2.5 cc or three of 3.3 cc if one has a syringe allowing over 3 cc. By the way, inject slowly, 30 seconds per mL… you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks Bill for all the time and effort you spend answering questions on this board. I just wish that posts such as this one, from time to time, could/would be answered by some other than yourself. Hopefully your knowledge is contagious and it catches on!