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1000mg Flaxseed Oil?


Just wanted to if someone could give me a little advice on how much of this I should take per day. How many times a day. Any draw backs? I know how good it is supposed to be and just wanted to use it correctly and know if there are any bad things to look for. Thank you!


I read another thread on this site about it, but just need some more specifics. Do I take it in the Morning? After a workout? (1) 1000 mg pill. Do I need to use Fish Oil with it? Thanks for your help.


Take 1g with food, 2-3x a day. I take the oil usually morning and evening, no need to overcomplicate it.


Thanks, No need fr fish oil?


Ofcourse there is! 15-30g a day for me, either split up with meals or half morning half at night.


In Brasil we have a type of seed that is very similar to the flax seeds. I eat it always with every meal.

1 tbps = 15 grams
carbs = 1g
protein(one of best vegetable prot) = 3g
fats = 5g
sat fats = 0.5g
fiber = 4g

The oil is very pricey, but the whole seed is like 2U$ the kilo (~2 lbs). And much better than only oil.


Hi pedrolfreitas,

Is this Chia seed? Flax is supposedly one of the richest sources of Omega3's in the plant world, but Udo Erasmus mentions that Chia is great, also.


No. It's really similar to the brown flaxseed. It has a bit more of a red tone to it, otherwise they are very alike. I would guess nutritional values are about the same.


You shouldn't take flaxseed oil at night because it's supposed to energize you.