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1000lb Total Goal

Sheiko #29 week 4 day 1 (sets x reps)

Squat~ 75kg 1x5
90kg 1x4
105kg 2x3
120kg 5x3

Bench Press~ 57.5kg 1x5
67.5kg 1x5
77.5kg 5x4

Tricep Extension~ 5x10 working up to 30kg

DB Flyes~ 5x10 12kg

Hi-bar squats with heels on plate~ 60kg 1x5
75kg 2x4
90kg 3x3

Good Mornings~ 60kg 5x5


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How are you finding #29 especially week 3 & 4?

It’s a preparatory kinda block with moderate on most variables so will give an indication of how you’ll go when volume gets brutal in #30.

If it works for you all good but maybe an intermediate program will be more effective at this stage for you.

While the program covers almost all the bases if you do Sheiko #29-32 as is it doesn’t really cater particularly well for intermediate lifters of individual differences. There’s no autoregulation or customisation which is not how Sheiko actually programs. These are just templates or examples.

e.g. if you progress fast as an intermediate and you get strong + your max goes up during the program. What was 70-80% at the start is now 60-70% and you’ll now be working at this lower percentage. With no way to readjust on the fly or until the end of the cycle Sheiko #29-32 doesn’t account for faster intermediate gains. Nomsayin?

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