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10000iu Highly Purified HCG Dosing vs Regular HCG?

I am on TRT and have wanted to add HCG to my therapy for some time. I have purchased a 10000 iu vial of Highly Purified HCG from a trusted source. I will be pinning 500 iu 3 times a week for 3 weeks and twice a week there after. I am familiar with the dosing of the reconstituted powder plus bacteriostatic water but this is a smaller vial of pure liquid. My supplier is trusted and i have used them for years for other products. As a matter of policy they cannot give out dosage instructions so im hoping to find help here. I assumed 10000 iu could be broken up into 20 - 500 iu doses but not sure how that is possible with this small bottle of liquid hcg. If anyone has experience i would so appreciate it. i am at a standstill and would like to get started.

I don’t think HCG has to be broken down into exact measurements. I think you could add whatever volume of bac water and just divide the volume of bac water added by 20 to get you 20 doses. For example, let’s use 10mL since it is a nice, easy round number. If you reconstitute you 10000 IU with 10 mL bac water, that means you have 1000IU/mL. so to get a 500 IU shot you would use .5mL reconstituted HCG.

TECHNICALLY you would be getting some percentage less than that, but it depends on how many additional mL’s you get from the HCG powder, however there’s no good way of measuring it without removing from the vial, which IMO is not worth it. And that is not something that cannot easily be gleaned by anyone on the forum to the best of my knowledge.

If you’re only getting 486 IU instead of 500 IU per injection, I don’t think it will be that big of a deal. Depending on the precision/error of the syringe and user, you could potentially get a bigger fluctuation than that.

It depends on what’s in it. I’ve never heard of “highly purified” HCG, but if it’s mixed with BAC water (as a preservative) then it’ll last for a couple months in the fridge. You know the iu of HCG, do you know how many mL of liquid it’s mixed with?

Hi swoops39.
The bottle says 10000 i.u. / ml

says each ml contains :
chorionic gonadotrophin highly purified I.H…10000 I.U.
water for injection I.P…qs.
I guess i have to calculate how to pull out 250-300 I.U. from this 1 ml bottle into a 1/2 ml syringe that I use for test cyp.?
just wanted to make sure it doesnt need to be cut with more water.
from Barat Serums and Vaccines Limited , India

Pretty sure this is meant for a single injection and will not last long. 10000iu/1mL is pretty high concentration. I could be wrong

If i can pull .025 ml out , that should be a 250 i.u. dose but I could be wrong?

qs means quantum satis and is in English “as much as needed”

(IP means it’s produced with the standards specified in the Indian pharmacopoeia.)

In my opinion this means that there is 1 mL in the viel which contains 10000 IU HCG. You can reconstitute the solution in as much sterile water as needed.

What is the volume of the vial? You could transfer it, if it’s too small or you could buy smaller syringes.

Highly purified hCG is produced from human urine while recombinant hCG is produced in bacteria.

The juvenile in me just wants to snicker.

Thanks for the info lordgains. it is one of those small vials . The same as the 1 ml test comes in. i could dilute it by 1/2 by adding 1 ml bacteriostatic water ( plenty of room in the bottle). then i should not have a problem pulling .050 ml out with my 1/2 ml insulin syringe. I will do the math again but that should yield 250 i.u. hcg per shot?

Yes that’s correct.