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1000 Each: Push Ups, Sit Ups, Calf Raises, Air Squats

Here’s my current personal endurance training routine:

one night: 1000 push ups & 1000 double calf raises
next night: 1000 air squats & 1000 sit ups
repeat without skipping a night.

Going to start working on a pull up goal.

Lessons learned:

Never under estimate what you can do, nor think its too late to do something about it. Best wishes on your personal goals and to exceeding them. Also, buy enough sweat shirts if you do hi rep sit ups, I regularly wear a hole on the back of my sweatshirt-going through a sweat shirt each month

Is this just your conditioning or is this your entire workout plan?

No doubt it’s taking some effort to do these, but the moves you are doing would not be considered “true” pushups, bodyweight squats, or sit ups. For example, on the push ups you’re lowering your hips all the way to the ground first, then your entire body. Coming up, you’re peeling your chest off the floor before raising your hips up.

I commend you for this challenge, but can’t help but wonder why you don’t lower the number and do strict forms of these moves. For example, what if you did 100 strict push ups, rather than 1000 of that thing you’re doing? I think you’d get more out of it.

While I can quite understand why you’d want to channel your inner Jack Lalanne, wouldn’t you like to hear what that nice Mr.Waterbury has to say on the issue?

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Every now and then you hear about people doing these high rep bodyweight routines. And you know what. They always look like they are in great shape.

What type of body/fitness developments have you noticed from doing this routine?