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1000 Calorie Meal Ideas (No Dairy)

It definately does, when I started lifting my mate used to win throwdowns always but now I can pin him with one arm, Bigger is more force on punches and able to pin people if need be.

I did do a bit of Muay Thai and Krav Maga before, Plus being bigger makes people avoid you, I had 3 lads start about some beef months ago, I’d seen the guy about 5 times before the occasion who said I better watch myself and nothing ever happened and they still fucked off, They must have been less than 140lbs each lol.

That reminds me:

Chicken satay. Use thighs, coconut cream, peanut buttee and a good chilli base. Will easily get you 1000 cal.

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And thanks for all the ideas guys, they’re all great but I’m trying to avoid dairy and any nut products.

Laksa as well. It’s also delicious.

Play fighting with your mate and some verbal with someone who is all mouth doesn’t quite prove that being big is going to keep you safe in the mean streets of where ever your from.

Have you ever been surrounded by 5 lads with one of them holding a knife to your throat? Are you going to bench press them all away?

Being big is only a small factor and thinking it’s your weapon and will keep you safe is very naive and also dangerous. Plus it’s going to take you years and years to achieve by which point you will have grown up.

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3 bucks for 1100 calories is expensive? That’s cheaper than a value meal at McDonald’s. If you are like in college and really don’t have any money, you need to make some hard decisions about what your willing too spend.

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Beef and pasta.

Also learn how to defend yourself and if it’s legal, get a weapon and learn how to use it well if you’re really concerned about your safety. I could probably outmuscle most people I come across, but if I come across someone determined to do me harm that strength doesn’t mean shit.

Being willing and able to be the most violent person in the confrontation is what will make a difference in your favour.


They’re about £5 at McDonald’s but your suggestion of Beef is the best one yet, I’ll do it starting tomorrow, Thanks.

I can, nobody has made a strike on me and the 3 lads that threatened me I went point blank up to them after (2 of the 3) said “Hello” and they pretended I wasn’t there and went into their house, They live on near enough the same street,

I’m more concerned about defending others rather than me, my area is full of certain people that see women as a peice of meat so if someone says something I have to defend m’ladies honour, nobody has they only do it when she is alone call her a “white bitch” in their native language, I’m going to save to move out and take her with me as I have a job now.

It sounds like not looking for fights would be a far more effective way of defending yourself rather than gaining weight.


this is not the same as a real fight, silly boy. size matters IF both combatants are similarly trained for fighting. But fighting ability absolutely trumps size.

I thought you were like less than 170 lbs. That’s not exactly big enough to intimidate… anyone. Sorry for the real talk, but that’s what I do.

Along those lines though, I know that my own appearance makes me a less likely target for robberies and such when I go out at night. Not just my size but the long beard and shaved head make me look like a dude not to be fucked with. It’s a nice feeling. But you know how I would defend myself if actually attacked, even at my size? I’d run, no question. No matter what the other guy looked like. Because, as kd mentioned, my size is not going to keep me from getting stabbed, or shot.

Sounds like you’re being an idiot. Maybe don’t run your mouth if you live in a dangerous area.

yep. you’re an idiot.

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I’ve fought Muay Thai at the international level and I’ve never been involved in a street fight. I’ve also lived in rough areas including parts of inner city New York, Philly, and DC.

Every time I came close, my ass ran. Avoiding them worked much better.

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This thread is brilliant.

“I had 3 lads start some beef”

“My body is a weapon”

If you are older than 11 years old, you should be very, very embarrassed at how much of a douche you are.


He’s a 78kg WEAPON.

Dinky little WMD, this guy.


78kg compared to like 55kg is bigger, I don’t run my mouth lol thread completely gone off topic lol

Seems like your maths skills are weapons-grade also.

Anyway, the highest calorie food you’re going to be able to get in the UK (I’m assuming that’s where you are) is ground beef. Get the stuff that’s 20% fat. It’s cheap as hell and loaded with calories and protein.

Make huge big pots of chilli. Chilli’s the ultimate bulking food. Eat it with whatever carb you like although I’d recommend white rice as you can eat a ton of it without getting bloated or anything.


One more thing: I’ve been watching a lot of Stan Efferding stuff lately and he says when he wants his clients to eat more he prefers to increase the frequency of their meals first, and then the food volume.

You could try eating more meals over the course of the day if your schedule allows. I find it very hard to believe that someone your size would need 5000cals but if that’s how much you want to eat then have at it.

2 lbs ground turkey
Black beans
Chili beans
Can of diced tomatoes
Small can of tomato sauce
Chili Powder
Cajun Seasoning
Brown/White Rice

Chili. Totally agree with the chili.

Also because your life is a do-or-die street fight, just watch bloodsport once a day and you’ll be good


I’m pretty small and I was pretty small.

But if you asked guys who hanged out with me back then if anyone wanted to fight me, most of them would back out even tho they are bigger than me.

Because they saw me fight, I’m the type of guy who wants to take your eyes out when you fight him. I’ll scream into your ears, bite you, hit you even with my head, grab your balls and squeeze… I basically go into animal mode.

Now I no longer fight. There’s years since my last fight (except ones with friends that are playing).
And if someone wanted to fight me today - I would simply back off. And if they attack me - I would fight back, but with my knife. Since it’s legal for me to carry one, therefore I do carry one.

If your opponent has some sort of weapon - your size won’t do shit. It can only scare your opponent into actually using that weapon.
And getting stabbed will definitley ruin your day, no matter if you had 100kg or 50kg.
And 50kg girl will stab you the same way 80kg guy would. And disarming a knife is fucking hard even to people who have training. Life is not a movie.
I won’t even start with talk about guns…


What country do you live in that some people aren’t allowed to carry knives? Shit, in 'Merica, people throw a fit if you try to tell them they can’t carry a dozen guns on them into a church full of nuns and babies. They’d laugh if you even brought up taking knives from people.

The world is a funny place.

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We are all allowed to carry knives. Everyone over 18.

I’m in Europe. But Croatia laws are OK. In Germany you only can carry pepper spray. And you aren’t even allowed to attack a burglar ironically. In my country if someone attacks you on street or tries to rob you - you have full right to stab him. If someone breaks into your house - also feel free to smash him.

Edit: God bless Croatia