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1000 Calorie Meal Ideas (No Dairy)

Hi I am now working quite a tight schedule so I want to be getting 4-5 1,000 Calorie Meals in per day, I think dairy has been messing with my digestion and was wondering if anyone (Brits especially) had any ideas for some quick calorie dense meals that don’t involve dairy products, Cheers. (Can’t have nut products either as my girlfriend is allergic and I could give her the kiss of death so to speak lol).

1 pound of beef.


Grilled Anabolic Chicken


Marinated in tren

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Sounds good but also expensive, I think if I ate it it would comply with the SCD diet guidelines and boy did that help my digestion.

you eat 5000 calories per day? A lot more than I do.

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also: do you have time to meal prep for multiple meals on a particular day of the week? This would be extremely useful. If you have an hour or 2 on, say, a Saturday or Sunday, you could meal prep for the entire week, and then just heat up your food for each meal. Casseroles, crock pot meals, stews, etc work well this way. So does grilling up a lot of meat and vegetables ahead of time.

I haven’t done much meal prepping in my life, but when I did it regularly, my go-to was cooking up a dozen chicken breasts or so, either in the oven or on the grill, along with a lot of rice. I would cook up a few pots of rice, and divide it up with the chicken into a bunch of meals that I’d put in tupperware and stack up for the week in my fridge.

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You’re going to find that eating 4-5k calories a day is an expensive habit, unless you want to eat a lot of junk. There are many reasons that there aren’t a lot of big/strong people running around, and this is one of them. Figure out how much you are willing to spend, then see what you can make work in that budget.


Usually 4, striving for 5, If I plateu and eat 4k Calories I literally dont gain weight? The only time I do is when I hit a good training plan so I’m going to start back on DC training.

Usually on workout days as the next day I don’t work out meaning an extra hour in bed, That’s when I plan to, I might just get the 20% mince and have 4 meals a day of 375g Mince + 200g White Rice.

My budget is quite higher now, I get £60 per day 5 days a week, I’m 18 and I’ve decided to put my all into the sport of lifting, The extra size will help me, I’m trying to change fast because the area I live in is shit and my body is my weapon as dramatic as that sounds lol.


Yeah, go with the beef.


Def not nutritious, but this is how I really got my bulk launched:
Top Ramen or similar packet ramen brand: Two packs = 380 calories
Add ground beef, (139 cal per 100g, maybe 250g for the purpose of your meal) = 330 calories
1 egg (raw, stirred in while its still hot) = 78 calories, 2 for 156 calories
Total = 788 calories, or 866 if you use 2 eggs. I’m sure you can find 140 calories from another source haha

I personally added eggs in mine, and mixed in frozen peas into the ground beef. Sometimes, I added canned tuna/salmon instead of ground beef.

1x200g tin of coconut cream
1 banana
2 scoops protein powder
Water to desired consistency

1000 calories.

You may also find that greek yoghurt is okay on youur gut even if other dairy doesn’t agree with you.

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200g 85% ground beef
200g pasta
1T olive oil

1000 calories.


250g tuna in olive oil
1/2 cup rice
1/4 cup slivered almonds (toasted)
1/3 cup dried apricots
1T olive oil

1000 calories.

2x150g pots of skry yoghurt
90g serving of granola
Coffee with a spoon of coconut oil

Don’t have the macros at hand but off the top of my head it’s around 40g protein and 120g carbs, can’t remember the fats and pretty close to 1000cals.

Eat one yoghurt, pour the granola into the tub to save on washing up, no prep, no mess other than a spoon!

Obviously it depends on being okay with yoghurt and how far your nut product avoidance has to go but this really is quick and easy.

2.5kg of carrots.


HA! This is my daily breakfast, except it’s one cup of skyr or greek yogurt, and butter in my coffee.

I would also just like to touch on the " my body is my weapon"

I also live in a very rough area so I will give you some quick tips.

  1. Being big has nothing to do with being able to fight. Learn self defence, a martial art or any other combat sport. If the area you live is as rough as you believe then being big will not stop you getting stabbed, attacked with an actual weapon or just jumped by a gang. People don’t care, it may work as a bit of a deterrent but it’s not going to keep away the baddies.

  2. Even after learning a martial art for worst case scenario when you have no choice but to defend yourself your best option is still just being vigilant and using avoidance, stay away from places that will put you at risk.

  3. Run, run fast, have no shame in running. Thinking your good because you can lift a few weights and carry a bit of size is not going to help.


Eat a cup of peanuts. It’s like 900 calories. It’s dangerous how good, and few you eat to hit 1,000 calories.