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1000% Awesome Template, 5s PRO Percentages?

Quick question on 1000% awesome template… 5’s,3’s, 5/3/1 at 5’s PRO or 3’s,5’s, 5/3/1 at 5’sPRO or doesn’t it really matter?

5s PRO is always 5s dude

Yes my intention was always to do it as 5s PRO but whether to run the percentages as 3s week, then 5’s week etc or the conventional 5s to 3s to 5/3/1 all at 5sPRO. If that makes senseless

Unless it is specified as one or the other, or you find one works better for you, it doesn’t really matter.

can do it either 5/3/1 or 3/5/1 - doesn’t matter. The two options are for recover-ability - do what works best for you.