1000% Awesome, Swap Deadlifts and Squats?

I’m looking to get more conditioning work for my goals and am looking to utilize the 1000% awesome template. In the forever book Jim mentions swapping bench and press for prioritizing those lifts any reason I could not swap the deadlift and squats? I’m using the low handles on a trap bar for Deadlifts, so I get more quad activation in general.
Appreciate any help.

The program as written is the “best practice”. It has been tested out by Jim or one of the athletes he trains in that format.

That is not to say you can’t customize your own program based on 5/3/1 principles, but the results (good or bad) are on you. I don’t think its a huge deal swapping in the Trap Bar on Monday and Friday while moving the Squat to Wednesday. I would say its probably a good idea to allow more room for your lower back to recover in your assistance and conditioning. Even though it is a trap bar, you are still doing more pulling from the floor.

In my opinion the squat gives better training economy, but if you have limitations or goals that make you want to use the trap bar that is fine too. Any reason specific reason you want to work in the trap bar?

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I’ve heard it transfers better to running, which as a recovering marathoner appeals to me. Additionally, I’ve been having some knee pain from squatting that isn’t aggregated by any other lifting, so trying to minimize it to let recovery happen. I’m also ramping back up to get into running after a break.