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1000% Awesome Supplemental: The same 80-85% weight for all three weeks?

Hi everyone,

Page 74 from Forever 5/3/1 - Do we keep the same "Bench press/Press/Squat 5x5 @ 80-85%" of TM during all 3 weeks of the cycle?

Thank you

I wondered that as well when I was considering running that template a while back.

I think your best/safest option would be to pick a percentage and stick with it through a cycle. 80-85% is already on the high side for supplemental. After the cycle is done, if you feel your recovering well and your bar speed is good, try bumping it up to 82.5% and see what happens.

Remember, two of the principles of 5/3/1 are start light and progress slowly.

I’m on the anchor for the program right now. I kept the same % for the 5x5 sets throughout the cycle with the exception of squats. 85% was pretty taxing and bar speed slowed so I went to 80%. Big difference.