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1000% Awesome Supplemental Question

This might be a dumb question but after searching I didn’t really find an answer. Supplemental on the 1000% program would be done after the 5 pros set and no supplemental on the 5x5 sets? For example day one is squat 5pros then supplemental like FSL and then bench 5x5 at 80-85 no supplemental?

The 5x5 IS the supplemental.

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Ok so after the 5 pro set of the squat you just do the bench and move on? I assume the way it’s written and programmed that the supplemental is on another day then. For example day one supplemental is the bench but day 3 is squat supplemental.

I feel that you’re overcomplicating this.

You do the program as it’s written in the book.

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Not trying to over complicate it just trying to understand the supplemental aspect. I’ve asked about templates in the past and have been told no mater what you always do supplemental even if it isn’t written, it’s to be assumed you would do supplemental. That’s why I’m asking because a lot of the templates don’t have the supplemental written in.

I assure you whoever told you that was delightfully insane. The programs are spelled out. You do the program. The only instance where it may be different is in cases where there is some sort of typo.

Sounds good. Thanks for helping me out. I appreciate it