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1000% Awesome OHP

Hey guys just got my 531 forever book I can only train 3x a week so I decided to do the 1000% awesome template .The only thing im confused about is the ohp doesnt seem to have a 531 pr set or 5 pros sets .It only has 5x5 80-85% for leader and 5x5 fsl for anchor is this intentional , do i just keep progressing it by adding 5 lb per cycle for ohp ?

Yes, just add weight after a cycle as you normally would. I also believe on that template you can bench press on any day you press or vice versa. Just keep it the same through your Leaders and Anchors.

In the new book you see a lot that. 5x5 supplemental lifts on a day instead of 5/3/1 sets and reps. Its a great way to get more volume in at a lower intensity.

Ok I see so ohp is more less just treated as a supplement to the bech in this template. I’m fine that since I want to improve my bench more anyways thx