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1000% Awesome Meet Peak


Hi Jim and others!

I'll be switching over to the 1000% Awesome template after I finish the
Beyond 531 strength challenge in a few weeks.

My question is, how would I peak for a Powerlifting meet using the 1000% Awesome template? My meet is in July and it will be my first one.

Thank you!


I have to answer with a question: Where can this template be found?


One of the guys on the paysite has been running that temp for a while now and he set a bunch of PR's at a recent meet. I don't think he changed anything to "Peak". I think he just ran it as written and deloaded before the meet, but i could be wrong.

Jim's pay site.


The template is from Jim's pay forum.


No peak. Train hard and smart all the time.


Thanks Jim! I can do that and rest the week before.