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1000% Awesome: Exercise Choice, Adding Light Work, Choosing Assistance

I like the full body 1000% awesome very much, especially beacuse i can train just 3 day/week and with this template i can train every muscle and every movement in the right way.

Just some simple questions…

Can i use a close grip bench (about shoulder width) instead of the normal bench press on day 1 where the bench is supplemental work trained with 5x5 FSL?

Then, can i put some light work after the classic 5/3/1 protocol on the main lift? Such as a light widowmakers or just a couple of set of 8-10 reps just to fix and improve the movement?

For the assistance work, where do you think should be better to put the different pressing, pulling and single leg excercise? For example Dips should be better on day 1 or day 3? Or doesn’t matter?

Thanks a lot and congrats Jim for your last amazing book!

I ran that program, and it would be best just to run it as written. You’re already going to be pressing heavy ish three days a week and for high volume two of those days. I wouldn’t worry much about push assistance, just do something easy until you get into the program a little bit and see how it goes. You will mess yourself up if you start trying to push the pushing assistance too much, at least during the leader. I can do dips with 150 pounds added for a set of ten and 100-115 for five sets of ten without struggling, but I just did some body weight dips on Friday. Do not underestimate the volume of heavy pressing on this program, especially since you’ll be doing some three days a week.

Thanks for the reply. I understand that assistance has to be just assistance. So no pushing yourself on it.

What about some extra light work after the classic 5/3/1 work on main lift? I do the classic protocol, so week 1 is 5/5/5+, week 2 is 3/3/3+ and week 3 is 5/3/1+ … i’m worried it should be not enough volume on that day for the main lift, what about some back off sets like 3x5-8 FSL or a light widpwmaker?



Volume retort again?


As always, I would and only can recommend doing the program “as is”. If you want to do something other than that, no one here, including me, can have any real insight as we have never done it. The only thing you can do is rely on your experience and knowledge.

Generally speaking, asking permission is not a good sign. Simply put, if you believe in something, you never should have to ask another if it is OK. So if you 100% believe in what you are doing, go for it. If not, don’t.

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Thanks for your reply Jim.
I know very well your philosophy and i know that all the programs should be done as they are, because are written after years of tests and experience.

I asked if i should add some extra work after the main work ok the big lifts to increase the total volume just because i cannot do a lot of conditioning (usually just some run on sunday morning), so my recovery rate is high and i have a lot of total rest days.

In any case, i understand perfectly what you mean.
It was just a way to listen to other people opinions.