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1000% Awesome Assistance



When doing routines like 1000% awesome were I am pressing three days a week, would you suggest dips as assistance, tricep pushdowns, or does it really matter so much.
I have done three cycles so far and while my squat has been going well my bench hasn't been as stellar. The last three cycles I have done no extra pressing besides the main movements and was thinking of trying some light assistance work next cycle.

Thank you


I wouldn’t do it - I don’t know how triceps pushdowns or extra dips is supposed to help. But if you feel you need to do assistance work to make your pressing go up, make the necessary changes. Not something Id recommed - instead alter main lifts in such a way that addresses your problem.

Remember the greatest trends are the biggest failures.


Thanks for the quick reply Jim, I’ll give it another few cycles and see if my bench is just slow going.