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1000-1500 Calorie Smoothies/Shakes

What type of shakes/smoothies can I make that would be 1000-1500 calories? Any recipes you guys have?

The only things I CAN’T have in these shakes are:

  1. Dairy
  2. Protein Powder

Anything else is fair game.

Just looking for ideas because I don’t eat many meals (3 a day) and don’t have the time to do too much to so having one monster shake a day (or two) will be enough to take me over the top with minimal effort!

1 avocado
handful of almonds
scoop of peanut butter
coconut milk mixed with coconut water
flax/chia seeds
frozen fruit to taste (berries to go with the peanut butter)


167 egg yolks, peanut butter, and bananas.

Just kidding, @antiquity - yours sounds pretty tasty.


One whole can of coconut cream.


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Coconut milk 1 cup
Almond milk .5 cup
Banana x1
Pineapple slices .5 to 1 can
Oats .5 cup
Pasteurized egg white 200g

Ice to desired texture.

cant go wrong with this…

Also can really load up on intra workout drinks -
fresh apple juice
Biotest products
-etc etc, just load on up what fits budget and digestion


As in, you can’t have WHEY protein powder? I eat whey, but numerous studies have shown Pea and Rice protein to be basically as effective, as well as vegan, non dairy, non allergenic, gluten free, etc. Honestly, it’s hard to argue against putting SOME protein powder in your shakes. Doesn’t have to be from animals or soy.


Blueberries are about the only fruit not producing an insulin spike!
Wonder why some of your tips advocate so much fruit/ sucrose?!

So that explains the high levels of obesity, the fat fuckers are all eating fruit…


Fruit/ high insulin levels by itself certainly doesn’t cause obesity!
The high amount of calories, often advocated to be used to repair and build muscles, though are directed towards them fat cells! They are not used by the muscles in that case!

I think you mean well buddy but I think your missing the audience and the reason for consuming such liquid calories.

If someone ate 1500 calories of solid food and then drunk a 1000 cal shake putting them at 2500cals for the day, but had burnt 3000cals would they get fat?

Do you mean it’s a problem consuming that amount of cals in 1 sitting?

Whey doesn’t sit well with me, so I don’t really use any protein powder. My wife has a vegan protein powder, but I hate it haha. But I’ll look into some rice and pea protein, that might be what I need. I mean putting 1 or 2 scoops in won’t hurt for sure!

Yeah idk what that guy is talking about, I’ve never seen someone get fat from eating too much fruit lol. I eat 1500 cals in one sitting a lot of times and I never have a problem. If it’s too much corn, rice or pasta I might feel super full, but that goes away after about 1/2 hour or so.

Liquid calories are just easy to put down. Once it’s blended can pound a whole 1000cals in under a minute!

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Would you recommend orange juice for intra workout?

Imma just gonna throw my two cents worth in… pea protein is disgusting. Try some else. :nauseated_face:


Thank you for telling me before I found out the hard way!!!

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No dairy or protein powder? No problem.


I drink pea protein everyday, I like the taste.

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LOL, has anyone ever tried making this before and drinking it? I can’t imagine it being THAT bad. Especially if it’s warm and you add some veggies and spices. It’ll be like a chicken soup lol.

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Juice is bullshit. Eat fruit, drink water. Orange juice is just a ton of sugar. No need for it.

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