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100-Yr-Old Man Completes Marathon


I can't guarantee I'll still be squatting above 500 when I'm 100, but if I can manange anything like this, I'll take it.

100-Year-Old Man Completes Marathon


The most impressive performance at a Toronto marathon Sunday was turned in by the man who came in last place - and is 100 years old.

Fauja Singh completed the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in approximately eight hours, making him the oldest person ever to finish one of the 26.2-mile races.

It was the eighth marathon for Singh, who was born India in 1911 and did not start running marathons until he was 89, after he moved to England following the death of his wife and son. He says not smoking or drinking alcohol throughout his life, combined with a vegetarian diet and up to 10 miles of walking or running per day are the secrets to his health.


Cool story bro.

By the way, vegetarian diets do not guarantee a long life. Just look at Steve Jobs.

Also, squatting 500lbs is not comparable to finishing a marathon in 8 hours; that's more comparable to having the flexibility to squatting past parallel with any weight and still be dedicated enough to train multiple times per week.


Impressive. I would imagine the highlight of most centenarians' day is that first hour after the diaper change. So warm and dry, mmmmmmmmmm. Good stuff right there.



Dude is 100 and just ran a marathon.

Respect, douchebag.


I congratulate him on his achievement. I just don't think that you can squat even 135 at 100 years old and I'm also fed up with the vegetarianism= longevity propaganda.


Awesome accomplishment.

Not when you are working 80+ hours a week.


I saw this guy at the London Marathon a few years ago, absolutely incredible. Oh and as for dedication, he runs ten miles EVERY DAY, that's impressive for anyone of any age.


That really is awesome like it was watching the 70+ year olds at worlds last month. People like that stand out.

However, I now realize why my drive to the Toronto Convention Centre yesterday sucked asssss.


Incredible guy, I don't know how he managed to do it. Canadian news sources called him the The 'Turbaned Tornado'. Funny how the US news sites omited that.


He's awesome! My grandmother is 100 and let me tell you it's no joke being that old.
The story I read about this guy was edited, the first draft they called him a "centurian" LOL


Lol bro you realise he was being humorous when he said he wanted to squat 500lbs at 100 right?

We don't give a shit if you don't like vegetarian diets bro. Way to change the subject bro.


I have my doubts about being able to finish a marathon and than I read a story like this :slight_smile: That's seriously impressive stuff!


anyone sure that he's really 100?

I'm sure he was born in some backwater town in bumfuckedegypt, and when he emigrated, guessed at his b-date, or falsified it so he could get extra popcorn at the movies.

dude sure don't look 100.

seems fishy to me.

that being said, I couldnt run no marathon, and I'm half of his stated age, so def props.


I would have been impressed if it wasn't for the walking speed.


My wife told me that her grandmother got a letter of congratulations from the PM to celebrate her 100th birthday the other day. Her uncle called to let her know.

I asked my wife if she spoke to her grandmother when her uncle called and she said that she was out in her field picking vegetables. Don't know many 100 year olds that can manage that.

Last time I saw her she told me that when she was a little girl, King George VI visited Japan (she comes from a small farming village in the middle of know where in Japan) and she had to learn the British national anthem and sing to him. Close to 90 years has passed and she can still remember it word for word.


Everyone who says this isn't impressive, just stfu.
Also, Steve Jobs had cancer you assholes.



Hey, make sure you bump this post when you're 100 and just completed a marathon in under 8 hours, m'kay?


How much older and decrepit does he have to look in order to be 100?

Dude looks pretty old to me, you just can't tell as much because of the huge ass beard.


Most people walk at about 3 miles an hour and that's young people. This guy did a little faster than that and for 8 hours.


I think I could finish 3 of these Marathons in World Record time.