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100 Workouts From Ripped City?



Im going to be jumping on the T-dawg v.2 so I can get my BF down from 20% to around 15% nothing drastic.I will be training 3x a week Total Body CW style.Im sick of HIIT as I have been doing it while maintaing for the last 8-12 weeks.I wanted to Ask Dr-L directly but he doesent seem to have a thread I can find that he directly responds to.But how many sessions a week would/should you do of his low-intensity 100 workouts to ripped city cardio while on a diet??

Cheer's Guys.


I would do it each non-weight training day.


So 3-4x a week?


Yeah that sounds about good.


Its fast paced walking or lightjogging tops. Do it on any day you can. Its not going to interfere with your workouts. Just look at your daily schedules, and if you can fit it in, do it. When you get your fat down you might consider keeping your morning walks/jogs/whatever.... would help to prevent you from getting chubby again.


Thank you El-animal and Beatnick, Iv'e fired off a PM to LL so hopefully he will respond with his opinion as well.Let you guys know.


How did you PM Dr. Lowery? I have to ask him a question.

I dont have the time to do 60 minutes of low-intensity. So can I do 20-25 minutes of medium intensity?


If you go to one of his threads, where he responds to a question I found that his PM icon is lit which allows you to PM him.Though im not sure if he gets them yet?


I dont see any of them lit. I cant PM him. Can you do me a favor and ask him this:

Because of limited amount of time, I cant do low-intensity cardio in the morning for 60 minutes in accordance to 100 workouts from Ripped City. Can I just do 25 minutes of medium-intensity(jogging) cardio before breakfast? Will that be okay?



I'm sure thats an acceptable option, it might not be as optimal due to the increased intensity, but I don't really see a reason it wouldnt work.

P.s. - Dont let Alwyn know you're doing fasted cardio.


Why don't you do IBUR?

Very effective.