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100 Tire Flips Challenge


OPT's 100 Tire Flip Challenge.

The 100 Tire Flip Challenge consists of flipping a 200 lb. tractor tire 100 times in a row for time. It's a great, intense workout and challenges the entire body both in strength and endurance.

Has anyone tried this? I would imagine it would kill your forearms and traps.


that sounds silly.


The reason this interests me is because I have a 200 pound tire. I usually do 3 sets of max reps in 30 secs.

While almost anyone can flip a 200 lb tire, high reps does get quite challenging.


OPT = Crossfit god

The guy's actually in pretty good shape!


It definitely sounds like good cardio :). If I had plenty of open space and a tractor tire, I'm sure I'd give it a try once in a while. But who actually has open space and a tractor tire?


I would love to watch someone do this though....greenhopper, i suggest you try this and video it.


I'm on it.


Just flip it one way and then flip it back. The size of 4 tyres squat should be enough!


I'd say flip it in a square or small circle so you don't need to go the entire length of the tire each time you flip it, just a quarter turn of it or less.


Has anyone actually done this? 200 pounds seems awfully light. Yes, I realize it's 100 reps, but it's still damn light. I could bench press the empty bar for 100 reps, but I don't see what good that would do either.


I don't think it is IF one could do it - but how fast. It turns into a completely different effort when measured that way.


'cos it came from OPT I'd assume it's a conditioning workout and not a strength test. A lot of the CF stuff is surprisingly good for aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. I wouldn't let it try to get me strong tho, I'd be doing something in addition to it!!


Sounds like a helluva workout to me, a 200 pound tire can get heavy after a while. Sounds like a good energy systems type workout.


Just to give you an idea of a 200 lb tire - my 12 year old brother can flip it once. So any adult should be able to flip it with relative ease.

My 1RM DL is 405 lbs. I can flip the tire 18 times, 18 times, and 16 times in the 3 sets of 30 seconds that I do. I go as fast as I can. I am yet to flip it 18 times the third time around -- I just don't have it in me by the time the 3rd set rolls around.

That comes to 52 reps in 90 seconds (but these are not consecutive. I take 3 minute break between sets). Usually, the feeling I have after that is very close to puking. I can just imagine how tough it will be to do 100 reps timed.

I found this challenge on youtube while searching 200 lb tire flips. Does anyone know where this challenge originated from? I am curious to see the times people have gotten for this.


OPT is pretty strong for a small Canadian dude.


OPT = James



I assumed it was conditioning, too. It's just that 200 is very light. Most people can flip a 500-600 pound tire for 2-3 flips with just a little practice. A 200 pound tire is similar to deadlifting ~100 pounds.


If it's anything like a typical CF workout it'll look easy on paper, but horrible when you try to do it for time. Seriously, give it a lash and let us know. I'm curious now!


having never done tire flipping i didnt realise it would be that light.


I kind of want to see this happen as a competition on our football team. Skill players vs Lineman. Would be interesting to see and try.