100&SUN Log

Hello again, honored to write here. Today: 7th week 2nd day of my Intense mesocycle (whole program here http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/yes_new_to_tnation_ )

Bench Press 3x3 @ 220 (last rep tortured slooooowly by spotter)
Dips 3x7 @ plus53 (I gained a little power here)
Shrugs BB 2x10 @ 286 (Next time I’m lowering weight. I liked the holding time - 2s but I think I can squeeze my traps more)
Military Press DB 1x8, 1x7 @ 60 each (2nd set after 4th rep started to lose power and technique)
Front Lateral Raise DB 2x8 @ ~28 each (I could do them in a more controlled way)

Today was a veeeeery good day…

Squat 3x3 @ 290 (NPR after 2months. It was plain awesome, the feel, the depth -ahem- very satisfied.)
Goodmornings 2x5,1x6 @ 136 (It’s not been a while that I practice thie ex. so I slowly increase the weight keep as much perfect as I can the technique.)
Single Leg Extensions 2x8 @ 77 (It’s the second time that I do this ex. single legged and I can sense the difference. The rom was not full cause I changed gym. I will check my rom in my usual gym.)
BB Curls 3x8 @ ?? (I do not know the exact weight of the bar but I had 66 on it. Felt like 99-100 total.)
Calf Raises x100 @ bw

Monday 29. Starting to deload with some progress showing off.

Deadlifts 1x14 @ 286 (Former 80%. Very good, last 2 reps out of technique, didn’t reach exhaustion.)

Chins 2x5 @ plus 37.5 (Did I mention that I hate chins? Well in my next program I wont bother including this exercise. Instead I’ll work it home in HFT mode as mentioned by Waterbury.)

T-bar Rows 2x10 @ 165 (Not very familiar with this ex but I keep improving.)

DB Rows 2x8 @ 103 (First time I used straps on this one. Much more steadier.)

DB Triceps Extension 2X8 @ 92 (This ex rocks! Try to keep my elbows pointing at the ceiling and lower the DB as much as I can.)

Bench Press 1x15 @ 182 (Former 80%. Very good, last 2 reps lightly spotted)
Dips 2x6 @ plus60 (+7 but -1rep from previous week)
Shrugs BB 2x10 @ 264 (I lowererd the weight and holded more time but still I think it can be improved. Again I’ll lower the weight.)
Military Press DB 1x8, 1x9 @ 60 each (2nd set felt more strong than last week but still 2 last reps spotted.)
Side Lateral Raise DB 2x10 @ ~26 each (Slightly gained more control .)

Today, end of the deloading week. Monday starts the last week of my program with some 1x6 in the basics. I’ll look for ideas fo my new program here, I would appreciate any suggestions.

Squat 1x15 @ 236.5 (Former 80%. Very very good, last 2 reps…guess what… out of technique. Just pushed my legs even more without my upper body to follow.)
Goodmornings 2x6 @ 148.5 (Still rising in this ex while maintaining the technique.)
Single Leg Extensions 2x10 @ 77 (Again I wasn’t at my usual gym so the rom wasn’t full cause of the machine.)
No BBCurls. (I left the gym because a basketball team had to train, no big deal :slight_smile: )

After I finished the last deloading microcycle of my previous program with some decent performance -
Squat: 1x6@270, Bench: 1x8@198, Deads: 1x7@309 - I today started my new high volume program. It’s the biggest I’ve ever tried.

First day.

Deads 5x10@265 (Supposed to work on my 70% but it felt more…)
T-bar Row 4x15@130 (Very nice and easy.)
Weighted Hyperextensions 3x15@ +22 (Back little tired 'till know, it’s the first day…)
Reverse Flyes 3x12@ 22each (First time trying this ex. Felt too much on rear delts.)
BB Curls 3x14@ 66 (Nice form and easy but no hold on top.)
DB Incline Curs 3x12 @ 26each (Elbow movement, not so strict.)

With the least minimum (1-2min for first 2 exs, around 1 min) rest between sets.