100 Reps Question

I plan on starting Chad Waterbury’s 100 reps plan in September to improve my calves and delts. I can figure out the calves, but I’m not sure when to include the delt workouts. i.e. Should the 100 reps be done on days where bench press, pull-ups, deadlifts, or other compound movements with significant shoulder involvement are also performed? Thanks!

do the 100 reps on days you don’t workout

Perform your 100 reps on every day that you don’t perform direct upper body work. You are correct when you mention delt involvement with compound exercises such as deadlifts but don’t worry about any non-upper body dominant movements. In other words, on the day you perform deadlifts you should be doing 100 reps for the delts, but on days you perform high-intensity upper body work, don’t do the 100 reps. Hope this helps, if you have any more questions, please ask. Good luck!

I have been doing 100 reps of lateral raises for a couple of weeks now…in this time I have been using an Ian King style split where I have a horiz. push/pull, vert. push/pull, quad dom. leg day, and hip dom. leg day. I’ve been doing the 100 reps on every day other than my vertical push/pull day. I guess it would probably be okay if I didn’t do it on my horizontal push/pull day either, but I have been. Maybe Chad can jump in and give you a better answer…I can only speak for what I’ve done so far.

Looks like Chad beat me to it anyway.

Thanks for your responses. I’m looking forward to giving it a go starting in September! Hopefully it’ll help me put some size on my calves and the improved recovery in my shoulders could have multiple benefits. Great program, Chad.