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100 Reps Protocol

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to posting although I’m a long time lurker. First I just wanna say I absolutely love all the info here. I can’t seem to go for more than a day w/out checking things out.

Anyway the reason I’m posting is because I had a spare minute and I’m curious to see what kind of gains / improvements people have made by utilizing CW’s 100 Reps Protocol.

It’s from all the way back in '02 and I’m sure some of you have permanently adopted it.



It works.I have been using it on my delts with 5 lbs clubbell rotations and lateral raises.I wouldnt say it was amazing but I think the point is that it makes a difference that you can notice…which it is alll that counts.I think that it works for different reasons that mentioned though…

Before finding Chad’s wonderful article, I had noticed a similar occurence myself from doing high reps of ski-jumps on my cardio days, resulting in improvement in my previously flagging calves.

Right now I’m using his 100 rep a day scheme to work my deltoids as well, doing 100 lateral raises, and 100 bent lateral raises, per-off day.

I plan in the future to use it to help balance out my body a bit(my left side is slightly weaker and smaller due to my right-handed nature as applied to non-workout activities).

So pudge, what do you like best about T-Nation?