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100 Reps in 100 Seconds


I was wondering if anyone, besides me, has tried this brutal program. Not just one giant-set but all of them, as shown. I've managed the time with medium weights (thanks to CT for his IBB perfect rep method of accelerating the weight quickly) except for the leg giant-set. After two attempts, the best I've managed is 160 seconds. How about you?


Only thing ive ever really experimented with close to this was something called "2 Minutes." I used it for Leg presses. Id only throw on maybe 4 plates, and just leg press for a solid 2 minutes. No stopping, no breaks, just a straight 2 minutes. I have to say, it was pretty brutal, but not something i use often at all. Frankly, i think ive only done it about half a dozen times. My legs get wrecked enough on a normal leg day, no real need to throw them in lol


I want to try this but the program i'm on now (BBB) Is demanding enough especially since im on the second ramp. If I try that I think i'd die :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn't quite recognize it as a program so much as some workouts but I could have misread it. But I have done the bodybuilder killer after and upper body day of lifting. Rough.


I tried a tabata circuit for a week while I rehabing and my god so short but I swear I saw jesus lol


I've squatted to "Down With The Sickness" as a leg workout and cried afterwards....135 the whole song.


i rubbed one out earlier and tried to get 100 strokes in 100 seconds but never made it to 100 seconds... oops



yeah i usually can rub one out with 135lbs for reps


Must have the forearm of a god lol


nah the weight is all wang supported


I'm confused, I started the rubbing with 135 on my back at the gym and everyone was appalled. I tried to explain it was a type of circuit. No one understood.


Sounds Scott Abel-esque.