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100 Reps Exercise, HSS-100 for Legs


i read around and couldn't find my answer.
question mainly for legs, does the 100 reps HAVE to be a different exercise altogether?
eg quads:
H:front squat
S:leg extension
S:hack squat
Special:sissy squat
100: leg extension (again,but with less weight obviously)
i workout at home, so im limited to 1 isolation exercise.
same will apply for hams day, with the repeat of leg curl.


IMO should be OK.. Interesting you ask this, I was recently checking out the HSS-100 series and was disappointed that I couldn't find all the initially promised spec. articles :(. I'm sure that would've made things a lot clearer.


I chose step-ups. I workout at home also so if you got some dumbbells and a box somewhere you might be better with this. Leg extensions mainly hit the teardrop muscle and the goal of 100 reps is to fill your muscles with blood. Step-ups will involve quads/hamstrings and glutes which are all used during the workout.

Takes a little adjusting of height and weight.

Good luck, my workout is similiar and usually I can't even do my special exercise - which is also sissy squats since I'm just so fucked.