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100 Reps a day ... Chins

What do you guys think of using Chad Waterbury’s 100 reps-a-day program for supine chins? I was going to embark on my first pharmaceutical steroid cycle, and I thought I might try this.

I wouldn’t do it for more then a week, but it sounds fun and exciting. Definately a candidate for …yuk…overtraining. I hate that word. Mainly because alot of people who belly ache about overtraining never come close to training enough, muchless overtrain.

Only if your chin capacity is high and I’d still only do the concentric portion and avoid the eccentric.

Unless you could perform 50 continuous chin-ups, I wouldn’t recommend it because the overload would be too great. A much better option would be my VOS program. This program will do wonders for your chin-up strength. Give it a try.

I thought 10 reps, 10 times a day. If my recovery on this cycle (750mg/wk Test Enanthate, 75mg/ED Tren) is anywhere near as good as it was with MAG10… I think I’ll be alright. I thought about maybe even taking some bcaa/glutamine after every set, or a little protein. Is this going overboard?

Once again, it depends on how strong you are. But overall, I would not recommend this method. I designed the 100 Rep program to dramatically increase recovery rates (and it does), but it is not a strength building program. Stick to my VOS, you will have more strength and the hypertrophy effect (since you are on anabolics) will be great. Of course, the final decision is up to you but I strongly recommend the VOS over the 100 Rep for your purposes.

Your previous post wasn’t up when I posted my response, Chad. You think it’s too much, though? The only reason I thought about it, is because the first time I took androgens… it was Mag10. I could not believe how psyched up I was all day to work out. It’s all I wanted to do,… I would just do pushups or bw squats to failure like 10 times a day because of all the energy. I was doing 20-rep squats twice a week and gaining every time. My buddies have told me tren makes you feel like you can bend steel bars… I just thought the chins would be a cool thing to try…

I'll look further into VOS tonight when I get home from work. (I want ALOT of volume!)

Now I feel like a dummy. I should know this, but what’s the VOS program again?

Jeeze, my brain must be really fried. Disregard that last question. (I guess it was too recent for me to recall immediately, if that makes any sense.)