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100-Rep Trap Bar Workout: Frequency and Other Training?

I read the article The 100-rep trap bar workout. I’m really interested in doing this workout for the next 10 weeks and get a break from squats and deadlifts my performance has not improve in some time.
I have few questions, is this workout done 3 times or more a week? The trap 100-rep is the focus for the next 10 weeks? or can it be combined with some other types of workouts? If yes, what workouts are recommended?

The article says:

Don’t do any other heavy deadlifting or squatting throughout the week. For more quad work, stick to single-leg work and reverse sled drags. For more posterior chain work, stick to glute-ham raises, sliding leg curls, leg curls, and hip thrusts.

So I’d do an upper/lower split and on the 2nd lower day I would do lunges, split squat, ghr, BB hip thrust, etc.

You can even do whatever program your doing and just change the lower body days and keep doing the same upper body stuff. For example if you are doing 5/3/1 you could:

Trap Bar 100 Rep workout

Bench Press 5/3/1
Bench Press 5x10 (ss: Rows)

BB Hip Thrust
Lunges/Split Squat

OH Press 5/3/1
OH Press 5x10 (ss: Chin-Ups)

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I’ve done this program before so I’ll just give you my thoughts based off my experiences, take from them what you want.

  • I started with my conventional 1RM at about 150kg. I was weak as fuck. If you’re noticeably stronger than that, you may find this a very different program.
  • I started with a weight of 100kg, and finished with the final set of 10 x 10 @ 140kg because I misread the jumps and failed to convert properly. Don’t do this, it’s an absolute killer.
  • make sure you’ve planned a way to keep track of the sets. It’s very easy to lie to yourself and end up missing a set or two if you aren’t writing it down.
  • Don’t plan to do any other work after you’ve finished the pulls. If you’re looking to do more work (I did 531 BBB bench on the same day), do it before.
  • as for what else you can do with this program, I think you could probably train your upper body anyway you want for the remainder of the week with no major issues, I certainly didn’t change anything else or notice it interfere with anything. Lower body work should probably be kept light and higher rep, if at all. I did very high rep, very light weight squats using the progression in mass made simple from memory, but I am stupid. @isdatnutty seems to have a smarter plan above.

Feel free to ask me any questions, I’ll answer them as best as I can, bearing in mind I was weak as piss when I ran this.

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This review pretty much sums it up, I found it very tough going towards the end.

Thank you very much for your email

Thx so much for the advise!

100 reps seem light.
My dumbell shoulder shrugs start out with a 1 minute walk around the gym to stretch out the traps then 3 sets of 12 reps with 45, 50, 55’s 3 minute rest between. No rest on the 3 reps. Just hang on to those dumbells until you can do 12 more. I do use wrist straps because my grip is not even close to my trap strength. So that is 90 reps

Then I move to a cable machine for 3 sets of 12 over hand straight bar raises. So 36 more reps

Then I go do my daily back stretches, ab crunchs, glutes hit up the eye candy in the gym for a date.

I finish off with a farmers walk. Using a farmers walk bar 3 sets walk until failure 5 minute rest between sets.

So 90+36+3=129
If you don’t wakeup sore the next day you did not use enough weight.

I’m also about to start running this. It’ll be interesting to see how we do. @dagill2 as far as weights go, I was thinking of topping the program out with a weight that is pretty much a 10RM right now. Does that seem reasonable, or too light? I’ve never done more than 20 reps of deadlifts in a session before so I’m thinking the extra volume will make it hard, but I definitely don’t want to breeze through it.

That seems reasonable to me, yeah. If you start finding you went too light after a few sessions, can always increase the jumps or combine some of the sets of 10 into a set of 20.

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