100 Rep Squats After Back Injury?

Hi Jim/all. I’m recovering from a lower back injury. I have mentioned it in other posts, anyway… I’m sure I’ve read somewhere in a 531 post that a 100 reps with very light weight can be done ? I was asking because I’m back-back squatting now at 50kg. (I was up to 125kg) but going to build back up slowly as prescribed by the chiropractor. I’m asking about possibly doing the squat for reps (maybe not 100) with light weight, just thinking if this will help to build my quads any as it would be a lot of time under tension, thanks

If you injured your back with 125kg why do you want to do giant sets with low weight when your surely going to lose form?

There are versions of 5/3/1 that include movements for 100 total reps. But I think those are more focused on assistance exercises such as Fat Bar Curls and Karwoski Rows. I am not sure there is a template that calls for 100 rep squats, except maybe the German Volume Training (10x10) template in Beyond.

Regardless, 100 reps of anything even at light weights could be challenging, even if its squats. Perhaps not necessarily the thing you would want to do when recovering from an injury. Why not just run a basic 3x5 or 5x5 beginner program where you start light and add 5-10 lbs a session or week to make sure your injury is healing properly while starting to condition yourself to lifting again?

Ok thanks. And I didn’t injure it squatting where did i say that? I did it at work

You didn’t. And neither did I.

Type full sentences and punctuate properly then to avoid the confusion you have caused.