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100 Rep Sets, What Do You Think?

Anybody doing these? Favourite exercises to do them with? Thoughts?

I started doing them with resistance band pull-downs, thrusters and rows recently and dayum they are pretty tough…but, I like them, in a somewhat masochistic kinda way!

Curls with an axle. Pretty common for Strongman training and I prefer to do these than 3x8 or whatever. Not sure I love the idea of 100 reps of rows :stuck_out_tongue:

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100 unbroken thrusters? Jesus you’re a sadist

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I’m actually only up to 50 reps far with a mega light weight so far on thrusters, but I’m going to work my way up to 100.


Tip of the hat to you sir

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Poundstone curls are a staple of my bicep training

Use an unloaded axle and get the forearms too. I try to set PRs in as many reps as possible without stopping. I hit 94 in my last workout. Getting past the initial 40 is the hardest part.


What does your unloaded axle weigh @T3hPwnisher ?

15kg. Its an Ironmind Apollon’s axle.

Thanks buddy.

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I do tricep pushdowns or overhead extensions with a band for high reps.

Or high rep band curls, using 3-4 different hand positions or grips to get to 100.

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How is everyone programming their 100 rep sets. I have swapped all my bicep and triceps work for 1 100 rep set of curls a week and 1 100 rep set of triceps a week (floor extensions). I time how long it takes to get the total 100 reps. I’ll run this for a few weeks but wanted peoples thoughts.

But didn’t know if that’s enough volume overall. It does provide a good 4 day burn though.

I do my 100 rep sets or at the very least really high rep work at the end of my work-outs…so on push day I shoot for as close to one hundred easy angle push-ups as possible, then I do super high rep db ohp or squat thrusters etc. In terms of how much weight to go with or in my case what angle of push-up etc to go for it’s a bit of guessing game at first…but it doesn’t take long (usually with a lil experimentation to figure out).

In the future, like maybe 6-12 months down the line I’m thinking of doing an entire work-out of 100 reps, though only done once a week) including: squats, assisted chins, easy angle push-ups, db ohps and assisted inverted rows…but that won’t be at least until I lose a fair bit more weight and generally get my strength and fitness more or less back to where I’ve been in the past.

I wound up doing a fair few 100 kettlebell swing setsas part of Dan John’s challenge. It was unpleasant. Keeping count was hard; I couldn’t guarantee a set wasn’t 90 or 110.


Yeah I used to do really high rep kb swings as a leg day finisher…very challenging indeed!

I’ll often use 100 rep sets of upper back exercises like band Pull-Aparts and face pulls

The World’s Strongest Man says(2:00) he does 100 bench presses with the barbell or 100 bodyweight squats (like unweighted, no barbell) to keep liagaments and tendons healthy. You need the high high reps because the connective tissues have poor blood supply/circulation.

I’ve been doing this for roughly 6 months.
I’ve got a fair bit of stuff in my log that may be helpful

And this one

It’s just a simple PPL layout. Squat, pulling variation, pushing variation, and I pick a movement that focuses on some secondary stuff. Usually glutes, abs, hams, upper body, arms, etc. I usually just rotate those movements as I see fit.

I usually use 75% of my maxes, but sometimes I’ll push near 80%.

And throw in some conditioning work once or twice a week.

4 sets of 25 rep bamboo bar at the end of chest day. 35lb plate hanging from each end with monster-mini band.

The inevitable question is, using them for what? My understanding is that bodybuilders use 100-rep sets periodically, especially for legs, as a way to achieve hypertrophy, and many say it’s a good boost to use once in while. On the other hand, I’ve never heard of anyone using them on a strength-oriented program. I’ve never heard a powerlifter or weightlifter say that 100-rep squats helped him improve his competition lifts. So I guess what I’m saying is that to my knowledge, they are good to use sparingly if your goal is purely hypertrophy. If your goal is strength, they probably have no place in your program. While people who train for strength often do want to see some hypertrophy, they usually rely on sets of 10 or so to get it done.

I know of a few strongman that use them.