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100-Rep Sets for Other Body Parts?

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Hi coach what about using it for other body parts.

At the moment I’m doing well with your beach windows, where I’m training 2-3 muscle groups for cosmetic reasons after my big movements for the day. (Btw up to now I was doing some rest pause+iso holds)

I’ve also read about paul carter and (even Luoie Simmons) using mega high reps sets.

After a couple of heavy pushes and pulls, would it be reasonable to try this approach with barbell curls, band pushdowns and overhead plate raises and on lower body days after a heavy squat and hinge variation with calf raises and goblet squat? (Don’t have a leg press)

As a side note: you bump up the weight once you can perform 100 smooth reps without any pause during the set?

I’ve written about using sets of 100 at least 10 years ago in my HSS-100 series, which still remains one of my most effective training approach. Do a website search, you’ll easily find it

Coach bet me to posting first!

HSS-100 for additional ideas

And the associated specialisations such as

(there are others)

You can, but honestly weight are not that relevant with this method. It’s more about developing capilaries and releasing growth factors.

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I psychologically need to write down some numbers, keep progress accountable. Thus I feel the need to note how many reps can I do, pauses, and weights so I need to know (psychologically) that once I hit a certain number of reps (100) performed in a certain way (not sloppy, no pauses) I can bump up the weight

What equipment is best for beginner’s back exercising?

There are different ways to do sets of 100. Lighter weights are aiming for only two total pauses.

Hardest version that I’ve did is done with an approximate 30RM, so you do around 30 reps to failure, then you keep going with reps to failures until you reach 100, and you’re allowed as many pauses as you want, but no more than 5-7 seconds