100-Rep Plate Raises on Push-Pull

Hi Paul,

I’m looking to incorporate 100-Rep plate raises and was wondering where I should place them on a 6-day push-pull program ( the Thib “Best Damn” workout plan). Would they fit better on the Pull day (when I’m working my back) or Push. I originally thought Pull but wasn’t sure if it would tire out my shoulders too much?

Thanks for any help. Also just bought the Super Soldier program and can’t wait to try it (planning to start mid-July)!


Not Paul, but I’ve done the program and let me give you my 2 cents: 100 rep plate raise wouldn’t really go along well with CT’s BDW.

100 reps isn’t exactly in line with his low volume approach IMO.

Hmm yeah I see your point. I guess my thinking was that with everything else low volume I could kind of specialize on the traps with this but maybe it’s not the best program to add them into.

I do farmers walk for forearms and traps. If you want more volume use medium weights and walk 500m instead of 50m with heavyweights or alternate between heavy and medium.

I’m a fan of doing 50 to 60 reps total on some exercises but found 100s to be a waste of time and lost strength.

Mixing 3×5 with 2×18 gives 51 reps total.

I always say sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. So add em in on push day with shoulder work.


Awesome thanks!