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100 Rep Method

100 Chins and 100 Dips, all I can say is brutal. Dips hard but chins those were terrible.

You need to elaborate on that a bit.

Is this within the month, since this morning, super-sets, ‘Steps’, assisted…what?

Fill us in on the details.

Yeah, details please. Is it volume per day(How many days/week?) or per week? Or is it learning how to do 100 rep sets?

I heard of this a few years back. I’m sure Mr Dan John can give more detail, I believe I read about it from him.

If I remember right it is typically done just now and again to shake up a routine. It works best with compound/olympic movements. Just pick a weight and an exercise and do 100 reps as quikly as possible. I did it a few years back: 100 reps of 100lbs of clean and press in about 80 or so minutes.