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100 Rep Leg Work


I greatly enjoyed your latest article on ultra high rep leg work.

Outside of the leg press and Landmine squat, you offered the Prowler as the lowest stress option.

Would you have any issues with using a reverse sled drag (quad centric) vs. a forward sled push as the 200 step finisher on leg days? Would this be too quad-dominant to stay true to the spirit of the technique?

For context, the Trap Bar Deadlift (performed with low hips & upright torso) is the current focus of my programming.

Thank you in advance for your response.

I tried a variant of this in my humble home gym last night. I did a band assisted squat, using a heavy band looped around an overhead beam and clipped onto my sled harness. I went for continuous tension and jacked out a meagre 30 reps before feeling very sorry for myself.

No it would be fine. But good luck with that! You will get a nasty quads pump way before hitting 200 steps!

Yes, they are deceivingly difficult. You can get a lot out of a relatively light weight.

Thanks, Thib. I have done half the distance prescribed in your article with reverse drags and it was challenging (I would definitely need to lighten the weight considerably to hit 200 steps).

Perhaps I’ll keep the same weight and switch to a forward drag at the point of near failure for the quads.

Really interesting, just tried this for a stubborn muscle group today( triceps). Weird kind of pre-fatigue feeling.
…I liked it :+1:

Well, it sucks less (from a feeling like you are abut to die standpoint) for an isolation exercise LOL

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