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100 Rep Leg Press for Type 3

Coach Thibaudeau, just came across this tip and would like to implement it. While my legs are strong and proportional on stage, my quads have never achieved the same level of hard, dry conditioning my upper body does. Hamstrings are very tight, but quads are always just shy of really being shredded. Looking forward to trying this!

Just a couple questions for you please when you have a chance:
-After reading your neuro training article, I am most definitely a #3, high cortisol harm avoider. Many things I’ve learned about myself throughout my previous years of competing suddenly made sense. Since reading the article I’ve made adjustments to training and nutrition that have been very helpful. As a type 3, would you recommend any modifications to this method?

-How would you specify the intensity? As you wrote in the article it clearly shouldn’t be a hard and heavy 100 reps, but should this feel more like a warm up/feeler set, or more like a light-moderate working set?

Thank you very much for your time and guidance!

Hi CT, I know you have many requests on here, I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this. Thanks so much for your help! The neuro type article was so helpful in tweaking some training and nutrition aspects that have yielded better results in and out of the gym, just want to be sure I’m covering all bases with this. Thanks again!