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100 Rep Exercises


I have started adding one exercise per workout to the 100 rep challenge that Jim wrote about in the book. I was curious if anyone had tried exercises other than the ones written about in there and how they have worked.

I have tried all 6 and liked most although the lunges fried me for too long and took away too much from the main work. Interested in everyone's opinion. Thanks


Curls - I just do 65 for a few sets of 20+ reps for 75-100 total reps. No more elbow pain plus big guns.
Band face pulls - These are the shit. All pressing feels stronger after doing these several times a week and shoulder pain getting less and less.
Ab roller or ‘body saw’ on furniture sliders - just a few high rep sets every couple days. I feel tighter in the squat and deadlift after adding these.

It’s not 100 reps in a pure sense, but I took the idea of the sets and found out which movements they worked best with for the best effect.


For me 100 reps means not putting the weight down until the sets over, and I enjoy doing this at the end of my workout. If I have the energy I will do this at the end of every workout. Curls, facepulls, and front raises are a given, but abs, hams, and calves are easy to squeeze in as well.

Right now I’m trying to catch up my shoulder’s so I use this for latterals 10-20lbs and don’t set the weight down till 100, I cycle through front, side, rear till I get 100-20 front-20 side-20rear than back to front, this way I don’t really have to rest, but the pain is unreal. I don’t like doing much isolation stuff, so this works great. finish your squat, bench, or deads, then pick an exercise for your weak area say hams, do 100 leg curls, or GHR and go home.

I think it would work on pretty much and isolation exercise, and some compund lifts. The problem with the compounds is the weak link wears out first, wheather thats a problem or not I don’t know. Latter


Use small exercises for 100 rep work - using big movements will fry you and do nothing to get you stronger (which is the goal for most people who enter a room designed to make people stronger).


I do them for curls to prehab the elbow and bicep tendon, just with the bar after a couple sets of reverse pulldowns and hammers (on squat day - opposite of dead day)