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100 Rep Challenge

There is a new article on the main page incase anyone missed it.

100 rep empty barbell curls make you wanna gnaw off your arms at the elbows!!!

This is several years old - but still applicable.

Jim, I don’t have access to a prowler but do have a tyre sled that I can load up and either drag using a TRX, pull using a harness, etc. Would you have any recommendations on what variation to go for as a substitute? Many thanks.

Our sled “standards” are very similar to the Prowler - so just use the sled (tire) in same basic fashion. Make sure to pull both forward/backward. The key to the Prowler and sled is setting standards and using those standards to help build a specific workout. By doing this, you now have a great way of programming your sled/prowler work and make it count for something. Gone are the days of random conditioning. Train with a purpose!

Cheers Jim, much appreciated.