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100 Rep Challenge


Hi Jim,

I'm 4 months out from my right shoulder surgery(left shoulder is 4 weeks out)
I'm allowed to lift moderately with my right now, thinking I need volume to get the muscles stronger at this point.

I took your advice and worked GHD, RH and core, ready to start getting back to a routine. SS bar no longer hurts pressing on my shoulder so going to start using it too.

Getting frustrated with my limitations. I need something to follow. I went through 531 2nd edition and Beyond. Would you suggest the 100 program at this point? How would you change it for being one armed?

Thanks Jim


Just let me know what you CAN do. Example: squat , deadlift…
Also what you CANT do: what movements can’t you do. Press, bench.


Nothing with a barbell(cant use left arm at all) Nothing requiring plank position; pushups etc, cant do hanging leg raises

Things I’ve been trying and haven’t caused pain
SSB squat
Single RDL’s, bulg split squats,
Single press, floor press, bench(hurt some), row, curls, press downs, front/ lateral raises

I have a rack, full set of bands, full set of dumbbells, few kettlebells, SS Bar

Thanks Jim

Your time is probably better spent assisting those who you can currently make stronger.
I guess the answer for me is to just be patient and wait until feb/apr. Accept I cant get stronger until I’m healed and stop stressing about getting weaker.

As you know, gotta train what is trainable, I will just use BBB style with no 531 lift until I can use a barbell. Although it crushes me to do so, 5x10x20lb overhead press is still better than watching TV, or surfing the net looking for the perfect recovery program.

On a side note, those of us who can’t afford the forum, maybe a book covering your popular templates? Lots of us like your training style and would buy a !19.95 PDF that cant do monthly forum dues. Cheers