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100% RAW PL Championships


I just saw that there will be some raw PL championships coming in August:

I just emailed them and I'm waiting for a reply to get all of the info and to see if there are going to be any qualifiers coming up any time soon.

I'd love to go to this and I have plenty of time to get better. I also just got a new job where I'm on the road a lot so it has made it harder to train.

Here are the current National Powerlifting Records for the 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation:

Here are the current records in the age group and weight class I'd be going into:
Men?s 181 pound class
25-29 Greg DeRamus 510 Ryan Massey 360 Ryan Massey 570 Ryan Massey 1430

I think I can actually tie the bench record if I can add 5 more pounds to my max, maybe even beat it, but I'm not really close to the others.

I will have to lose about 10lbs, but I have time for that. I just need my strength to increase at the same time.

It's just an idea now, but I'd love to actually have something to train for.


that's a cool damn link


Go for it, man! Best of luck.





A couple PLers sat next to me at the WPO finals, one of em was a USAPL lifter, and the other one competed raw. His buddy told me he had just totalled 2100; he looked like he could've too. This dude was freaking huge. I'm not sure what fed it was, but he squatted 800 raw, and it was a fed that didn't allow wraps or sleeves. The USAPL lifter had totalled 1700 in single gear also, so he was a pretty strong dude.

There is definitely something to be said for raw strength, as I doubt many of the top WPO guys can squat 800 from a walkout with just a belt. I guess we'll see soon though with the NE record breakers.

Good luck if you enter this. It would definitely be a good time.



I just put up a post trying to find a raw fed to lift in. I'm going to talk to some of the lifters at the gym, I too would like to get started with this. Having a concrete date and event to train for seems like a great way to kick it up a notch. Also, it's got to be fulfilling to star actually "walking the walk", if you follow.



I just got a response to my email and they said that it's open to the first 50 people who enter, first come first serve.

There's no need to qualify to lift either.

I didn't see this the first time, but the entry form is on the website here:

It would be pretty cool to get a bunch of T-Nation members to go. Even if you're a geared lifter it would be fun, unless you're training for another meet that is near this one.


Bump, so I don't forget and make an excuse not to go...


wtf? the bench record for 25-29 yr old men in the 242s is 110# lower than the 220's and the DL is 30# lower. the squat is only 10# higher


I know that the equipped federations have a much higher turn-out as far as lifters in general, so I would imagine that would be even more true for the heavy weights.

Unfortunately there's not nearly as much money/sponsorship in RAW lifting.

I'll eventually get into lifting with gear, but I haven't been training for it, and I can't afford it right now.

I already have a pretty decent shirt too, but when I was wearing it I was only getting about 40-50 pounds out of it when others were getting 150.


A classmate of mine recently placed a couple teenage APF state records @ 242 that are a bit less than the current records in the next class down.
If you look at teenage records at the state level there are several blank spots and the numbers jump around alot.
The reason is probably just a relatively low quantity of competitors as of yet and will even out as the raw powerlifting organization grows.


i weigh 230 and bench 350 raw at age 19 i can compete for the record for that but the other two lifts i wont stand much of a chance


Thanks man, I think you may have just gotten me back into powerlifting.


you gotta be kidding me, Donnie Thompson squats 920 raw.


I don't focus on powerlifting, but there are times that I get down on myself for my lifting numbers. After looking at that link, I'm a little happy with how I stack up.

I'm a ways back from the Records in my class, but I'm at least in the ballpark.


Yeah, I was thinking about it after I posted, thats what it must be. I hope record breakers does well in 2 weeks, I'd like to see all the strength sports do well, whether its geared or raw, pl or strongman, whatever.


Yeah, I was thinking these records look pretty low. I would take the bench record in my weight and age class, and I know I don't have a world class bench.

But, hey, as long as you got the trophy to show for it, right?


Some of the records seem low...but remember doing it in the gym and doing it on the platform are two different things.

That, and this may be a smaller federation and not have huge numbers of people in each catagory.


If it takes the first 50 people to bust out the checkbook, you can bet the records lack credibility.


What do you mean?

The e-mail I got from them said that they're only allowing the first 50 to enter because any more would take too long with all 3 lifts.

I don't think he was saying he'd cancel it if there were less than 50. Then again, I may just be misunderstanding what you meant.