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100 Pushups


I've finally reached a goal -- one hundred pushups w/o stopping. I know this is more of a weight-training site, but does anyone know any strategies for now getting to 100 with each arm? That's my new goal. Any and all input welcome.

BTW: I'm 51, 6'6", 286 lbs.


damn you're small, good job though.


huh, are you talking about normal pushups or single arm ones? Single arm 100 you can forget about it.


100 Push-ups in a row for anyone is a really good achievement. The fact that you are 51 and a very large person makes it even more of a tremendous achievement.

Congratulations keep up the great work!


Damn you're 51 and you can do 100 pushups? thats pretty damn good. Good job :).


wow dang 100 push ups at 280 pounds is awesome. Since your new goal is 1 handed pushups, just out of curiosity, what is your starting point? How many one handers are you doing now?


How was your training like reaching your goal for 100 push ups.

what kind of reps/sets push ups did you do? can you give us a little insight on the different forms you used also?


Sure. I could 55 straight before and had always wanted that 100. I did triangles, then regular, then wide every other day for two weeks, never to failure. I then did one week of triangles to failure. Then, I repeated the 2 weeks with tri, regular, and wide. (BTW: I did 20 of each usually, rest one minute between each set.) I then did wide to failure eod for a week. I continued this pattern.

Finally, about 2 months in, I rested for 4 days (and it felt wierd to rest, very unnatural!) I drank a Red Bull, which I hope wasn't cheating, and a few minutes later, got the 100.

Funny story: I go home and I'm shouting to my wife "I got it! I got it!" She thought I was saying I got 'hit'. "Omigod, are you okay? Where's the car?" We had a good laugh.

I'm now going to do this in front of my high school kids and challenge the 'jocks' to match the old man!


One of our teachers, retired now, told me of his DI in the Marines. He said he saw this DI do one hundred pushups with each arm. Since this man is a pretty straight shooter, I believe him.

I probably AM too damn old to try this but what a way to go! :slightly_smiling:


I haven't tried them in a long time. I'm going to do a little maintenance to keep my 2-hand total up (100 twice/week) until I can plan it out.


Good job man.

I've only made it into the 60s on a good day, and I'm thirty years younger.

Quite an achievement.


Yeah, that's impressive as hell, congrats. Good luck on the one-handers, although I'd say 50 would be pretty awe-inspiring by itself.


Yeah great job. You know you just wanted to stroke your ego some. Well deserved anyhow.

On a good day I can get in the 80s. But then again I dont train for that sort of thing. How long did it take for you to get there? 27, 5'10", 235lbs. Take that.

Now work on getting 100 pullups. I can get to about 8 now. Ha.


Don't worry about the one-arms that much. With frequent practice your numbers will grow steadily and you'll reach your goal.

The only thing is that due to the balancing nature of the exercise it becomes very taxing on the entire body. I had huge rushes of blood into my head when I was doing sets of 50 which is why I stopped back in 2002. An easier version would be assuming the regular pushup position but lifting with one of the arms while using the other only for balance. You can also do a rep with one immediately followed by a rep by the other arm without the hassle of switching. Anyway have fun.


You had to say pullups; now I've getting ideas there :slightly_smiling: My max is a lousy 6. In my sport (TKD) we do pushups all the time but pullups...never.

You've got me thinking: If I put a pullup bar in my bathroom doorway, I'd have to duck everytime I go in. That'd force me to remember to do them. Hmmm.... I wonder if those doorway jobs can hold a guy of my weight?

Tank, this was a great post! I am on this TODAY!


Good call on the home pull-up set. It definately helped me get my numbers up. The only bit of advice I'd like to pass on there is to build your own with quality parts, or at least buy a kit from a reputable company.

The first one I had came with a weak bracket that gave in just as I was pulling my chin over the bar. I'm a bit tall, so I always did the pull-ups with bent legs. Long story short, I landed square on my knees on a hard floor... hurt like a motherfucker.


Very funny story!


Start with a 3x5 type system with 3-5 minutes of rest. Do each arm in a set then rest, rather than doing the one set per arm. If you are good enough where the 3 x 5 is to easy, gradually work your way up to 5 x 5, 10 x 3, 10 x 4, 10 x 5, 8 x 8, 10 x 8, and 10 x 10 with 30 seconds rest. Once you can do a 10 x 10 with each arm per one set, start working on knocking the rest time down. At this point you should be able to put up some good numbers, probably not 100 though, but keep scaling upwards.


This is an inspiration. I've got 3 years to go until I'm 50. I'm now telling myself that 100 pushups in a row by then should be "easy." And yeah, you want to know you can do it for the fun of being able to challenge the teenagers!

Great job! And thanks for the motivation!


Congratulations Headhunter. That's quite an accomplishment, especially for your size. I'm curious about a few things What's you 1RM bench? How long did the set of 100 take? 2-3min? Was every rep consecutive or did you hold at the top to take a few breaths occasionally throughout the set.

Good luck on the pullups.