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100 Pushups in 10 Weeks?


I just posted this to my boys on the MH forums but wanted to get all your opinions, as well..

I just ran across this on the net.


Starting with a max of 30 pushups, the author says that he can get you to 100 in ten weeks. I read one guy's testimonial who said he did it and it worked. Pretty amazing stuff.

I might give it a try. Anyone heard of this program before?


I've used it and it works. Follow his protocol exactly as outlined. I'm on the twice/week maintenance now.


Sorry for what might be a silly question, but what is the purpose of this... apart from being able to say you can do 100 pushups?!

Are there any benefits?


Maybe if you wanted to train to go on the extended scale or just max your pushups for the US Army PFT, if your in of course. Other than that I cant see any reason for doing pushups like that. You wouldnt be building strenght, just endurance.


Do you think there'd be any size increase from doing something like this?


Perhaps it would add significantly to core stability and help the delts too.

There was an article some time ago, I think by CT, not sure, where he uses the lid of a container under his feet and basically walks around on his hands in push-up style position to create huge delts. I've done it and it works.

Can't find the article now, but 100 push-ups would probably help with this. It was a great exercise.


Probably about the same benefits as saying you can Bench Press X amount of weight.

Then again there might be more benefits than that.......


It works? Dang. What was your max when you started this program?


Just being a stud!


  1. I'd always wanted to do 100 but just couldn't get the number to rise.

To answer 'Why do 100 pushups?', its mostly an ego trip. Also, I teach high school and doing 100 pushups in front of football players plays with their minds. After I did 100, I managed to groan, "If I can do that, can you guys win states?" It was a cool moment.



Im going to try this.....


I don't quite understand the set/rep scheme. Can someone explain it to me?

For example, Week 1 and 2 involves doing position 1, 2, and 3. Is this all back-to-back? My understanding is this:

5 partials
5 complete
7 partials
7 complete
Rest 90 seconds.

(These four sets are all done triangle position and back-to-back with no rest until after the final set. Is this correct?)


5 partials
5 complete
7 partials
7 complete
rest 90 seconds

(These are all normal-grip pushups. No rest, again, until after the fourth set.)


5 partials
5 complete
7 partials
7 complete

(Same thing, but these are done using a wide-grip.)


Yes I also had the same problem understanding that. But I think it must be they are back to back without any rest, apart from when it comes to do the different exercises obviously....


do you think it would be possible to modify this program to include some regular weight training mixed in. i guess a body part split would work best for this, just have a lower volume on the chest day, any thoughts on this?


Instead of benching, do one arm pushups. You will become stronger in pushup form, thus helping your max reps.

For the past few weeks I have been doing a 10 step pyramid of one armers, reducing rest each time and then finishing of with a max set of regular pushups and then as many sets until I hit 100. My numbers have increased greatly and I can hit about 85 now.


This is something I also am wondering about.

It doesn't directly specify that one must stop one's other program to do this, but it doesn't say either than one can do it in conjunction with an existing program.

However, I've heard that pushups can actually be beneficial to recovery. If you do pushups on your off days, they can actually aid in active recovery. Irishdazza, over at the MH Forums, wrote that:

"If your 1rm bench is near the effective body weight in the push up - it's over training. If body weight is 50-60% or less, then high rep push ups are a good way to flush the muscle and aid recovery."


Wtf is wrong with you? You could get to 100 pushups in 10 weeks by yourself. Just do a few rep-out sets 3x/week. Don't go to failure but do as many as you can just before hitting the nerve. Keep your rest periods at about 4 minutes or so. That's it, free. Do this and you'll reach 100 before you know it. Probably even before 10 weeks.




I was doing 100 knuckle push-ups everyday often times multiple times a day 5 to 7 days a week when I was a kid in Tae Kwon Do. Back then whether it was naivity or just boundless energy and a willingness to do whatever someone you look up to tells you to do; it was easy. For my blackbelt test I was doing 100 knuckle push-ups and 100 sit ups in under 5 minutes. This was not a challenge.

Can I do this now, most assuredly not since I don't ever even try, but my point is simply, I didn't do anything to achieve this outside of just repeatedly doing them over and over again day after day.

Sometimes things are as simple as that, it just takes dedication and a lack of recognizing (accepting) roadblocks.


Interesting story, man.