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100% New to Weightlifting

Designing your own workout is setting yourself up for failure.

Go with a free template designed by an expert. 5/3/1 BBB or Fierce 5 are good places to start.

As you put in time, you can throw in your own bodybuilding work to get an idea of what you like and what works for you. But I would stick to the basics for now.

OP I suggest this program for you. You can choose whatever sets/reps progression you want. But i promise you if you ONLY stick to these exercises but give them all your 150% effort, 1 year from now you will look completely different. Make sure to eat good quality foods and a lot!

Front Squat
Leg Curls
Abs/Back Ext

Bench Press
Incline Bench

Back Squat
Split Squat
Leg Curls
Abs/Back Ext

OH Press
DB Shoulder Press
Push Ups

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You do understand that your triceps will be getting work from the pressing ?

Well! What workout routine would you suggest? I meant that there’s a lot of: https://www.t-nation.com/training/the-absolute-worst-fitness-trend inexperienced fitness coaches that promote like what they do. Not trying to say that there isn’t a routine out there that won’t fit what I am going to do. I just feel as if it will take a lot of time that I didn’t put into finding one. I do plan to use a personal trainer when I can to create a better workout routine. I just didn’t want to pick out an online routine that I didn’t get any benefits from, if that makes sense. I am not saying or implying that I am special. But a lot of routines I looked up are for those trying to lose weight, which I could understand considering that is very much looked at. I built my workout from workouts I found on menshealth .com & bodybuilding dot com. And I never said any program promotes fat growth.


I do something very close to this and I love it. I’m a newb as well so I agree, good for newbs

The workouts from menshealth and bodybuildin dot com are made by inexperienced coaches/journalists

The programs here are written by experienced trainers, AND tested/proven by dozens of people here

How long have you been doing it?

Do you have the website this was on?

Oh! Thank you, that I didn’t know, haha. Thank you! Any links/articles/programs you’d recommend?

I started working out December 26, 2018. When I found this site and the T rams formation challenge I decided to join in. I have a training journal if you want to see what I’m doing. Admittedly I’m doing my own thing. Not the smartest I know but for now I’m making a little progress and I enjoy every single exercise I do, which was my main objective in doing my own thing.

Also, when I started I was really weak (still am). And did a full body routine for a couple months before I split it up into a PPL type workout. I think starting with the full body and just letting my body get used to everything and gaining a good bit of strength right off the bat (newb gainzz) was a good idea. But I have no idea if it would have worked out better had a done it different.

The biggest thing I’ve learned in the 7-8 months I’ve been working out is diet is king. You can’t out train a bad diet, and you won’t make the progress you want without a solid diet.

well, that’s a personal problem, isn’t it? Try harder.

it doesn’t. I’ve been lifting weights for about 17 years now, and have yet to come across a program that didn’t benefit me in some way. Even if the benefit is learning something that doesn’t work for you, that’s a benefit. The fact is, you don’t currently know what your body will respond well to, because you haven’t tried anything yet. You have to dedicate months to any given program to determine if it’s something that works for you. Adaptation just takes time.

I feel like you’re asking for specific recommendations, so I’ll give you one that I think fits very well with your goals. Jim Wendler developed 5/3/1 with the goal of building strength and size for his clients/athletes, and to promote athleticism as well. He played football for a D1 college, and has trained plenty of quality athletes, and he’s competed in powerlifting at a high level as well. His 5/3/1 basic template combined with the Boring But Big assistance work, which is specifically aimed at developing muscle size, is a pretty ideal setup for what your goals are. It’s also very easy to follow, which is something I value. I would say I’ve run a couple dozen programs in my life, and this one is the one I’ve valued the most.

He has an e book for this available (pdf). Hopefully someone else can direct you to it, I haven’t looked it up in years.

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This is an odd goal. However if that really is your goal, can I recommend a foldaway chair and a good book?


The article covering it on this site is pretty thorough. I believe someone linked to it up thread.

Edit: nope

Jim Wendler, Dan John, Chad Waterbury, and Christian Thibadeau (who all write on this site) are some of the most accomplished coaches in the world. Read their stuff. You won’t be wasting your time.

These are two examples of the garbage you want to avoid. I hope you don’t take this as personal or attacking as it’s not meant to be. We’re just being honest with you. Read a bunch of T-nation articles from the contributors I mentioned. Pick the workout you think you will enjoy the most/best suits your goals, do it consistently with 100% effort and 0% deviation, eat, sleep, repeat.

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Not to piss anyone off, lol. Some of you are a little aggressive group. I ran my workout routine with some bodybuilders I know and two personal trainers and they didn’t see anything wrong with it. Could somebody against building your own routine explain what’s wrong with this one? Besides the lack of experience, I’ve been in the gym in and out since high school. The only reason why I join this forum was to learn more about the science behind muscle hypertrophy and I heard good things about this community. However, I want to understand why things won’t work~ not just don’t do them and do this instead.

Yeah, I read a lot that eating more and eating healthy is the best way to put on gains with the right exercise. A lot of people starting out skip out on it.

Thank you! Will look into it!