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100% New to Weightlifting

So, today I decided to start weigh-lifting… consistently at least, 6 days a week. I have been doing it off and on since I left high-school. I used to weight-lift for football and track, but only pre/post/during season. I am going to take it more seriously, and did a bunch of research on muscles, how they work, how to grow my muscles. I learned about slow/fast twitch muscles fibers. I am also learning about the different muscles we have in our body so I make sure that I work out everything. I am starting my weight lifting journey in roughly 5-6 hours and I wanted some more information about weigh-lifting… or at least directed to articles about it and books! Also, advice… or any information you can give me! I will be active in this community, because I read that it was a great website to be on, so here I am!

Nice to meet you all!

Also, if this helps with advice. I am 5’11, slender @ 170lbs. I eat high-protein diets including eggs, steak, chicken, salmon every week… Including protein bars/milk… I also eat a lot of rice and vegetables… My target calorie goal is 3k-3,500 calories per day.

Goals: Get stronger(well rounded), gain mass, weigh 200-250lb (healthy weight), Have a stronger core, be healthy, increase flexibility.

— Will respond to all comments if necessary! Thank you, have a good morning. (EST here.)

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Do you have any programs in mind that you want to try to follow?

weightlifting as in Olympic weightlifting or weightlifting as in going to the gym to start lifting weights?

Go in, work hard and recover well.

Embrace the fact that you’ll make lots of mistakes because we all did. As long as you learn from them they aren’t wasted time.

Best advice I can think of is pick one goal and pursue it relentlessly for six months. You’re in luck because bigger and stronger really go hand in hand.

Second best advice is be very sceptical if anyone tells you that one way to train for anything is the only way.


How old are you?

I wouldn’t overdo it on the internet research; that’s more likely to confuse and stress you out, and keep you out of the gym.

I’d pick something on here you like (people tend to gravitate toward 5/3/1, but there are literally 1000s of options) and just do it without reading anything else for at least 12 weeks.

Best of luck!


Read a bunch of Dan John articles and run through TNation programs over the course of the year by him and established guys like Paul Carter, Jim Wendler, Waterbury etc

Also as a beginner don’t need to lift 6 days a week -slightly counterproductive even. Hitting it hard like 4 days is just fine

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There’s many ways to skin a cat, you just have to pick one and work hard enough and long enough for it to work.

To quote Dan John:
Show up
Work hard
Avoid the stupid


Based on your goals, 5/3/1 is probably your best bet. You can buy the book and then the other book and then the other book and then the last book and be like FSL LSF ANCHOR LEADER JOKER REVERSE BBBSSB and all that other crazy shit or you can just read this article and accept that it has enough information to get you really strong, and you can pay more to get more when you need more.


Presumably you’ve now gotten through your first workout. How’d it go?

I’d highly suggest starting a training log on here in the Training Log section. It’s a great way to stay motivated and get support from fellow lifters on here. You can always tag posters in your log, and many will be willing to answer whatever questions you have.

If training 6 days a week works for you, that’s awesome, but don’t get discouraged if you can’t end up actually committing to that much time in the gym. I’m a very successful lifter, and I get to the gym 3-4 times a week at most. Just do what you can. Recovery is as important as the work you put in, and sometimes working out a few less sessions a week allows you to give more effort when you’re at the gym.

Also: pick a specific program, and stick with it, for awhile. Don’t make up deviations just because you don’t like a particular aspect of it. Programs are written the way they are for a reason.


I actually created my own routine, I did some research and I am working on forum. I feel as if all those online routines only work with people with like certain body types. Like, I mean~ I am not entirely sure, but a workout routine that works for you might not work for me because we have different goals and body-sizes etc.

I don’t believe it would be a good idea to hit the gym with a Olympic workout routine as your first workout, lol. I want to be a body-builder and use elements of powerlifting/calisthenics. My goal is more lean muscle not like entire bulk and increase mass constantly. I want a functional body, haha.

Thank you so much! I appreciate the advice, haha! I definitely will!

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I am 21 turning 22 in two months. I mostly did the research because I want to weightlift effectively and properly. Also, I have a high metabolism and it doesn’t show signs of decreasing so I learned that I need to eat a lot more then what I already do… which is how I came up with my ideal calorie intake. Also, I don’t know much weight exercises so I did that… And I learned about Type 1 and Type 2 muscle fibers which I feel is super important to know if I am going into this. I actually want to take this serious so I think I will read an article about weightlifting and nutrition everyday because there’s constantly new studies on muscle hypertrophy etc, as we continue to learn about the human body. But thank you so much for the 5/3/1! And the luck! haha.

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Thank you so much! I definitely will add that to my wishlist and read them haha.

Thank you!

Well, my routine is like:
Monday: Chest, Triceps, Abs.
Tuesday: Back, Biceps,
Wednesday: Leg & Shoulders, Abs.
Thursday: Chest & Triceps.
Friday: Back & Biceps, Abs
Saturday: Legs & Shoulders,
Sunday: Rest/Yoga.
(I stretch for workouts also, but I want to remain flexible.)

Like I said before, I want to take this serious, I have set goals I want to reach so 6Days a week is good for me. I don’t mind, plus it’s a learning process. Maybe when I get the physique I want I might tone it down to 4 days a week.

It went well! I feel great, like I usually do when I workout, haha. I just need to keep motivated and I felt like joining a forum would help that. I worked out chest & biceps today along with ab elements. I will probably post what I did in a different forum just to get feedback from it. :slight_smile: And learn what I can change to improve my routine.

100% open to constructive criticism, tell me what you think and if I should swap out a few workouts. My goal is to at least spend 1.5 hours in the gym.

Warm Up…

Dumbbell Press Bench:
4 sets by 6-8 reps.
Machine Bench Press:
4 sets by 6-8 reps.
Incline Dumbbell Press Bench:
4 sets by 6-8 reps.
3 sets by 15,12,10.
2 sets til failure.

Dumbell Kickback:
4 sets by 10-12 reps.
Inclined EZ-Bar Skullcrusher:
4 sets by 8 reps.
Triceps Pushdown (Straight-bar)
4 sets by 10-12 reps. (I actually did this until failure with a low weight to work on form).
Reverse Triceps Pushdown (Straight-bar)
4 sets by 10-12 reps. (till failure with low weight to work on form).

Upperbody yoga to end the workout session!

Completely open to ideas… I want to make sure I am getting a well-rounded workout… Also this is for a beginner, as I just started today. However, I did weight-lifting back in school for football & track. I am 22, 5’11 @ 170lbs with a weight goal of 220lbs-250lbs of healthy muscle.

You should start a training journal on here. Helps you keep track of progress and stuff.


basically all of this is wrong. The only routines I’ve come across that are meant for a particular body type are ones that are centered around fat loss. What’s so special and unique about your body that you feel that, as a beginner, you need a special unique program? And do you REALLY think you’re qualified to put one together?

Your goals are modest, and very general. You want to gain muscle mass, you want to be strong, and you want to move well/athletically. A zillion programs out there are catered towards these goals. Those are more or less how every strongman competitor trains. Diet is what makes someone lean or not. There is no such thing as a workout program that is more or less likely to promote lean muscle growth. What do you think, that certain programs promote fat growth? lol.

not a good goal. Economy/efficiency of energy expenditure and time in the gym are far better goals. Wanting to spend at least X amount of time in the gym is a bad approach. Your workout you posted is also very redundant, and not particularly appropriate for a beginner. There’s no chance in hell that you will be able to maintain a high level of intensity through this amount of volume. You would be better served by limiting your exercise selections, and pushing harder in each one.