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100 Leg Presses vs High Rep Squats

I have a couple of questions about the 100 Leg Press routine.

First, since I usually do high rep squats anyway, wouldn’t a 10x10 squat routine or Christian’s Star Complexes for squats perform the same functions as high rep leg presses?

Second, usually my first exercise of the day is a clean and press or variation and I really prefer to do those when I’m fresh. The worst injury I ever had weight lifting was when I squatted and then did clean and press, pulling all sorts of tired muscles. Would a light enough leg press to avoid that have any benefit to my body?

I’m far from the expert here, but here’s my .02 anyway. Your 10 X 10 should be done with roughly 60% 1RM, where as the suggestion by Coach T shouldn’t come anywhere close to that % wise. He was referencing being able to do all 100 reps at one time, using only the empty sled if necessary. Remember this is only to help develop capillaries and get blood flow to the legs to better enhance nutrient uptake and basically warm up the muscles. This is not meant to be part of your normal working sets as far as I understand it. Second it shouldn’t put you in a state that would make you more susceptible to injury because it is only a warm up. If anything I would think it would help prevent injury. Again this is only my take and I am not the expert here; I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong. My question on it would be if you don’t have access to a leg press would 100 body weight squats or squats using only the bar give you the same effect?

The “routine” is not a routine. It’s something you do to warm-up and prepare for EVERY training session. 10 x 10 on squats is a workout (you have to use more load). Plus the effect on the vascular system of doing 100 reps unbroken and 100 reps divided in 10 sets is NOT the same.

Finally squats have a postural component that do not make them well suited for this add-on.

And once again, read the article… this is not a program. It’s just something you do at the beginning of every session, it doesn’t replace the workouts you were supposed to do.

It should not lead to impaired after 3 minutes of rest. Worst case scenario, don’t do the 100 reps leg press first on the day you do cleans, do it second.

And AGAIN the 100 reps leg press is NOT a leg program. It is NOT a leg training day. It’s an add-on at the beginning of every workout.

What about using 100 rep leg press as a cool down after every workout? Would it affect the efficacy of this concept?

That would likely work too, but it has to be done at every workout to be maximally effective

It makes sense to me that squats wouldn’t work for this, but do you think that 100 lunges or walking lunges would approximate the effect? I ask because I don’t have a leg press machine (home gym).

This is a little different but my best workouts came after 5 minutes on recumbent bike low intensity, a Russian dude i know does this kicks he right foot into left hand, then alternate and dose a couple laps around gym. Now in Borat voice go it warm uh all muscles.

hello CT does this concept to apply to other muscle groups?

looks like a fantastic way to build up the “show” muscles (delts, pecs, arms, even back). like assited pullups, pushups, light laterals at the beginnng of each workout?

or is there something magical about leg press/legs that makes it only suitable here

The Westside powerlifters do 3x 100 band pulls daily with very little resistance, apparently builds stability on those huge bench press, basically face pulls.

Then dont do this particular strategy. If you dont have the equipment you dont have it, move on.

The leg press is unique because of the way your legs move, your back is stationary, the weight placement, the joints are in a good position, etc…

You dont need to do every possible thing, nor is any one thing a magic bullet that is missing from your program that will suddenly start the gains. If you can’t do something just move on to the next.

Yeah, that was the conclusion I came to as I thought about it more. Actually, I imagine that doing a wall sit for a minute or two might create a similar effect and therefore be similarly useful. Maybe changing up the angle of the sit from one day to the next. I’ll experiment with that when I finish my current program (10,000 KB challenge).

As long as you reach MMF in either method it should not matter, just pick one. Eventually you will stagnate with one of these methods though, when that happens, switch.

It’s not something complicated like strength training where exercise selection is of actual importance, just reach failure, rinse, eat, sleep, change exercise/rep scene when you feel you need to and repeat. Nothing to it.

Large muscle group minus low back strain