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100 lbs Later, Still a Fat Squishy Mess


Hey guys, I started April - so about a year ago. I think i weighed in at about 315 lbs or so at my worst.

Fast forward:

I am tipping the scale at about 225 - 227.

My waist went from a 54 to a 40-41 and I definitely lost fat and mass all over, so thats good.

The BAD part - is, like the title suggests, I am still a fat squishy mess.

A 40" waist with relatively skinny legs and man boobs - still embarrassed to take my shirt off, still bad man boobs, and I haven't made any visible progress in a couple of months.

Do I have to drastically change something?

I think I've proven I can 'diet' to lose weight since I lost 100 lbs or so, so I guess my diet is ok.

I excercise with weights 3x a week and do cardio 2 - 4x per week.

I am pretty active, but cant make a dent in this gut or the man boobs.

Anyone former fatties get past this hump? bad pun : (


Congrats on the weight loss.

I never weighed nearly as much as you did, but years of lifting drastically reduced my man boobs. Work the chest religiously......and I would recommend dumbbell pullovers to work on the moobs.



Sorry, I can't give any useful advice on losing man boobs. But I will say losing 100 lbs is incredibly impressive. Congratulations!


2 lb/week for a year. you don't need to ask us anything. strong work!


That seems a bit strong. Shaving off the last pounds is the toughest part; sometimes motivation alone is not enough, even if it is enough to go the first 80% of the way.

OP, check out:


Also go to the main page, maybe you'll like the V-Diet, though many don't find it to be optimal. The war room strategies will probably give you better all-around results. On the other hand, the V-Diet is a lot simpler and might not be a lot worse than the harder war room strategies, since you probably have quite a bit of weight to lose.

How much do you know about nutrition to begin with, anyway?


It's hard to advise you on whether you need to change something if we have no idea what you are doing to begin with.

Post details on what you did to get where you are, and also what you are doing now. Then, someone might help you.


Oh, and personally, I feel I will get leaner than ever with Thibs' get jacked fast. I think you can buy it at muscledrivethru.com for 40$.. Well worth the money, but depending on your weight, it might be too early for that!


first- serious congrats on your efforts sofar
dont loose hope!

second- post detailed food and training plans with current strength levels


OK randomguy555 I will tell you what you can do to tighten up your loose skin and appear muscular instead of skinny-fat like you do:
Assuming you dont have a whole lot of fat on you start doing interval sprints at the track (not the treadmill) once or twice a week. This will burn up extra fat you have now and raise up your metabolism.

you said you have manboobs, that sucks and all but don't be an idiot and think they will go away by just doing chest exercises. What i recommend for you a is split training find a 3-5 day split and work out your whole body 3-5 a week. EVERY WEEK. Its not going to be easy but if you want to get results, consistency is key otherwise you may not get the results you want for YEARS.

Now let me tell you how your man boobs will go away: (I can't help you much with the fat stomach cuz I still kind of have one lol)your manboobs will go away after a lot of medium to high volume weight training.

This must include barbell bench pressing with strict form especially in the bottom of the ROM, lots of rowing, pullups and dips. It will take a long time because you will actually have to put a lot of muscle on your chest and back.

p.s. I reccomend you get the books "starting strength" and "Brawn" they have a lot of insight into bodybuilding.

good luck.


I'd say that you made the mistake of not actively trying to build muscle while burning the fat off. Work on building muscle and eating healthy and consistent.


Not hijacking but

How does it differ from dumb bells?


Well in my personal experience: I spent a year or two focusing on dumbbell presses and I did get stronger but it didnt really make my chest look more muscular or tighter. So I switched to barbell bench and it was night and day.

allows a wider grip, placing more tension on the pecs

it allows you to move more weight

and if you do rest-pause reps in the bottom half of the ROM with a barbell you have constant tension on the pecs not to mention a sick pump.


Read the "You got male-titties" thread in the T-Cell.

You need to get stronger and build more mass but the only way to get rid of Gyno (man boobs) permanently is surgery.

Congratulations on losing the weight. Step 1 was a success. Now you need to retool and attack step 2. Focus on technique and consistently adding weight to the bar. Compound movements are your friend.


dude dont say the guy has gyno while he still probably has a large % of bf still to lose.

OP all you can really do is lift big and keep your diet in check get a couple HIIT sessions in for the ol heart but theres really not much you can do besides keep plugging away.

Save any "gyno" comments for when hes near 10% bf


Ah, there's that magical 10% again.


You'd have to supply your current diet and training program for us to get a real handle on whats up.

Maybe a change or cardio methods is appropriate.



Yeah, but let's be honest--a guy weighing in at 315 with a 54" for years on end waist wants to see single digit body fat. Bad. I can dig that.

@ erik--Gyno may not become clear at 10% either. But yes, likely it's NOT gyno now.

@randomguy---you are still fat. You need to keep up the weight loss. GREAT job on losing the 100 lbs. Fantastic. You need to keep losing.

Something tells me that if you've still got a 40 inch waist and man boobs at this point that you are pretty short. Is that the case?

Also, something to point out, but we need to find out what you're eating every day, when, how many calories, how much protein, that sort of thing.

We also need to find out what you are doing in the way of training.

These are fundamental questions without which all advice will be at best a lucky guess, and at worse a terrible mistake.


Are you recommending interval sprints to a 225 lbs guy with a 40" waist? Really?
No danger of injury you think?
And how would this tighten up loose skin?

So you would recommend a 3-5 split over full body training eh? Do you really think you'll burn more fat and build more muscle with splits?

How does one bench press with strict form "especially in the bottom of the ROM"?


Congrats on the weight loss. You're doing great. It's only normal to plateau now and then after such an achievement.

How do you train now?
How do you eat?


I don't know about man boobs..but sure as hell you deserve a congratulations. If you lost all that fat in just a year or so then, you're doing great I think! Rock on man!


Further question---are you still losing weight steadily?